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Judas Priest
Wolverhampton, Civic Hall
21st July 2011
Judas Priest                  Queensryche
Photo Of Queensryche © Copyright Robert LawrenceQueensryche are received extremely well by the audience tonight. Each member of this band seem to have their own little personality within the band; the drummer shows pure aggression, lead guitarist Michael Wilton is the smooth one, Rhythm guitarist Parker Lundgren is the excitable young one, bassist Eddie Jackson hides back in the shadows and lead vocalist Geoff Tate is like the daddy by which I mean he used to be cool in his day - at some points he still shows it - but now some of the cringe worthy dance moves that are usually associated with drunken fathers are what he’s got for us. Never the less they squeeze as many songs as they can into their set which you just have to appreciate and they throw down some absolute corkers that I thoroughly enjoyed, all of which were performed terrifically. Tracks like “NM 156”, “Jet City Woman” and their little miniature encore “Eyes of a Stranger” and a few more before leaving the stage for the night and leaving the mighty Judas Priest with a thoroughly warmed up crowd.

Photo Of Judas Priest © Copyright Robert LawrenceJudas Priest are finally bidding the music world farewell with one final tour after storming it for over 40 years, I am lucky enough to have been able to attend. I’ve had extremely high expectations of this show seeing as for a final farewell tour one would imagine they would try to leave on a high note; I was right. Pyrotechnics, lasers, CO2 cannons, steel chains, multiple backdrops with a screen behind, what else could you want? KK Downing officially retired just before the tour leaving the band needing to acquire a new guitarist to fill in on this tour; they chose Richie Faulkner who brings a lot of energy and attitude due to his youth. Rob Halford to start with definitely seems a bit frail, his age is definitely a factor tonight but no matter how he appears, his voice has not deteriorated even a fraction those vocals are absolutely perfect. Every member with the exception of the drummer – due to the pyrotechnics – are wearing studded leather outfits, Mr Halford himself having multiple one of which for during “Prophecy” included a sceptre which had sparks spraying from it. The band plays 4 encores, treating each one as though it was the last. First encore to the song “Electric Eye” the backdrop displays an eye with the screen playing in the middle. Second encore “Hell Bent For Leather” saw Halford riding on stage on a Harley Davidson; the final 2 encores were “You’ve got another thing coming” and finally “Living After Midnight”. Massive 21 song set with Black Sabbath’s “War Pigs” Playing as they come on and Queen’s “We are the Champions” playing as they leave; “Painkiller”, “Metal Gods”, “Turbo Lover”, “Beyond the Realms of Death” and also “Breaking the Law” which was sang entirely by the Wolverhampton crowd with no input from Halford. What a send off and what a damn show!

Queensyrche – 4/5
Judas Priest – 5/5

Review By James Webb
Photos By: Robert Lawrence

 Judas Priest

Rob Halford
Glenn Tipton
Ian Hill
Scott Travis
Richie Faulkner


Geoff Tate
Michael Wilton
Eddie Jackson
Scott Rockenfield
Parker Lundgren

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