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3 Doors Down
Birmingham, Academy
20th June 2011
3 Doors Down          Crave             
Photo Of Crave © Copyright Olly GoodmanThe Crave hail from Brighton and in the past 3 years have accomplished a lot! A mass of UK shows including headline and massive support slots as well as Europe dates, 3 completed tours of the US and with a new album on the way they seem to be well on the way to success. However as everyone knows to be able to make it big your live show needs to be spot on because that is where the money is if you do it properly. Now they play a decent set but for some reason I can’t help myself from being quite bored, it’s not their performance as the perform quite well I think it’s just the music being something in which I drifted in and out of being interested in. They play rock music but the vocals don’t really match the sort of music that backs them. They do a decent job I’m just not a big fan of their music but they had the entire academy eating out of their hands so obviously a lot of people must be quite big fans.

Photo Of 3 Doors Down © Copyright Olly Goodman3 Doors Down are nothing like I was expecting; what I was expecting is that there would be a standard backdrop and every member would stand in exactly the same spot from start to finish, Jesus was I wrong. Instead of a backdrop they have a huge screen displaying great clips to accompany their songs, for example during “Away From The Sun” they have a clip of the sun rising and it rises more and more throughout the song and then fully shining out at the end. However my only critique on that is the way that sometimes the video’s would cut to a blank colour like blue or red, if it was me it’d be better fading to a black background with their logo pulsing to the drum beat. They are showcasing tracks tonight from their new album “Time of My Life”, they play 4 new tracks and 13 oldies including “Changes”, “Duck and Run” and “Here Without You” before they leave the stage. They come back for their encore and blast through 3 songs; “Kryptonite”, “Everytime You Go” and “When I’m Gone” before leaving Birmingham for good. The best part of the whole thing is that they have actually come over to the UK and brought a nice production to smaller venues that they aren’t used to, you really begin to feel like you’re making the band feel really happy by turning up as they continually let you know how much they love you. The band repeatedly show throughout the night how passionate they are about not just what they do but also various issues in modern society. I can now see why so many people love this band.

The Crave 3/5
3 Doors Down 4/5

Review By James Webb
Photos by Olly Goodman

 3 Doors Down

Brad Arnold
Matt Roberts
Todd Harrell
Chris Henderson
Greg Upchurch


Ryan Burnett
Carlos Garcia
Tom Swann
C.J Evans

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