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Scouting For Girls
Westonbirt, Arboretum
19th June 2011
Scouting For Girls           Soundgirl              
Photo Of Soundgirl © Copyright TriggerScouting For Girls are the perfect band for those upbeat summer moments when the sun is shining, the alcohol is cold and their fast paced catchy pop are blasting out at you in the must infectious of ways so I was pretty excited to hear the band were coming to play an outside show at Westonbirt Arboretum which to me sounded like the perfect surroundings for a Scouting For Girls show.

Sadly I was very wrong, when I arrived at Westonbirt first of all I was quite shocked at the lack of people there, the place holds 6500 people and I would be surprised if there was more than 2500 people there, secondly everone was sat out on their camping chairs or picnic blankets having a field day with their munchies and situated so far away from the stage that I felt a bit embarrassed for the bands.

The support band tonight were new three piece young girl group Soundgirl and they took to the stage all dressed in spandex trousers which ranged from bright green all the way down Photo Of Soundgirl © Copyright Triggerto shiny gold, the tops they were wearing were all over sized and featuring big bold glittery designs such as a heart or lipstick pots, they wasted no time getting into their music but from the start I was feeling bored as Soundgirl are full on clean cut pop and really not your average Alternative Vision worthy band, the girls played a 30 minute set but started to run out of their own songs towards the end and threw in a couple of acoustic Jessie J covers which went down quite well, the set closed with the girls latest single ‘Don’t Know Why’ which had an average reaction from the lackluster crowd.

There was a long wait after Soundgirl before Scouting For Girls took to the stage but the wait was well worth as the band came on stage more confident than ever greeted the crowd and then went straight into ‘Little Miss Naughty’ which had Roy Stride situated and the back of the stage on the piano, whilst Peter Ellard took to the drums pretty well next to him and Greg Churchouse held the fort at the front of the stage playing his catchy basslines whilst chipping in with his backing vocals.

Photo Of Scouting For Girls © Copyright TriggerThe set that Scouting For Girls played was outstanding with classic song being played back to back with material from both albums being played such as ‘Elvis Ain’t Dead’, ‘James Bond’, ‘Aeroplane’, ‘1+1’ and many others being played and not to forget new songs ‘Naked’ which could actually end up being called ‘Without You’ if the bands record label get their way, and also their new single ‘Love How It Hurts’ which is actually being released on St Swithun’s Day and for anyone who didn’t know who ST Swithun was, went home knowing as Peter Elland dressed up as a saxon bishop in tribute.

As the set progressed the fun carried on with Roy Stride filming the crowd and egging them on before playing ‘Famous’, during ‘Holiday’ Soundgirl took to the stage and helped Scouting For Girls to launch ten massive beachballs into the crowd to get them into the spirit but within minutes the beach balls were were in the hands of select members of the crowd who decided to take them home.

Photo Of Scouting For Girls © Copyright TriggerThe whole show ended with ‘Michaela Strachen’ and ‘She’s So Lovely’ which encouraged the now up for it crowd to sing-a-long word for word for the last few moments of the night.

Overall tonight was a weird experience the show was full of people in my eyes had never been to a gig before with the crowd spread too far apart and the majority of people enjoying their social picnic more than the music on offer in places and it took towards the end of Scouting For Girls set for the crowd to really appreciate the band they paid their money for, however this did not stop Scouting For Girls from putting on a storming show whilst previewing some promising new tracks but I feel they left feeling a bit cheated by the crowd.

Soundgirl 2/5
Scouting For Girls 4/5

Review By Trigger

 Scouting For Girls

Roy Stride (vocals, keyboards, guitar)
Greg Churchouse (bass guitar)
Peter Ellard (percussion)


Izzy B
Little Nikki

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