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The Ocean, Maybeshewill, Human Fly
Birmingham, Academy 3
17th May 2011

Earthtone9             The Ocean           Maybeshewill         Human Fly
Photo Of Human Fly © Copyright Robert Lawrence Human fly are the first band on, there a sort of doom metal, there opening song, it wasn't very good but it did have a few decent moments but these were very few. The following songs seem to follow on from these fleeting moments in the first song. It's a very heavy distorted sound, the singers vocals well there mostly illegible, I've no idea what he's singing about at the time, they have a few tool moments getting a bit proggy, the last song is probably the set highlight, nicely melodic in places, heavy in others and really effects laden, you should see all the effects peddles on the floor, loads of them, it's funny seeing the bass player has only two. Others than the vocals it's a pretty set if you’re into your modern alt prog rock!!

Photo Of Maybeshewill © Copyright Robert LawrenceMaybeshewill are a 4 piece instrumental alt metal band from the uk, there an active bunch and another band with effects peddles across the stage, I always enjoy an instrumental band, they got some really good melodies, it's good mix with the heaviness that they sometimes employ, one of the songs called Paris Hilton sex tape, that made me chuckle a wee bit, it wasn't a bad song. There a solid band they've taken excerpts from TV shows and placed them throughout some of their songs, it works well, some of the songs build and build well, to an excellent finish, great sounding good band.

Photo Of The Ocean © Copyright Robert LawrenceThe ocean another energetic performance from these guys, still sounding like the apocalypse has rolled into town. Still not sure of the songs there playing, the vocals, well I can’t say I'm a fan this time around, the whole screaming growling thing is not my cup o tea tonight, The one thing I enjoy about this band is there quieter moments them being at the most proggy, it's good when there loud and aggressive but in them moments when there not thrashing the shit outta there instruments, it's much more palatable more enjoyable, there a solid band, very tight, they didn't skip a beat even when the bass player had a few problems with his effect pedal and even when he plugged back in the band moved forward in the song as one, good to see. Overall not as good as last time but still pretty damn groovy.

Photo Of Earthone9 © Copyright Robert LawrenceFinally to many a fans relief on come Earthtone9, Karl Middleton: 10 Years away and 3 rehearsals later and here we are. The fans have a long memory, cling film anyone? Not tonight. They open there set with Off Kilter and Star damage, both excellent songs that gets the crowd really rocking out, so much so that I get poked in the eye by a stray flailing hand, The front man’s voice sounds a little off, I'm sure it'll come back with time, they just don't sound how they should. They continue the set with Withered, Ghosts, tat twaim asi and approximately purified, there really flying through there set, this is a band that seem to be really pleased to be playing gigs again, they seem tight, having a good time with the crowd, the crowd is having a good time, there's mosh pits and plenty of singing along, the audience seem a tad older, revisiting the past no doubt! It’s a shame there playing a short set, 50 minutes to be precise and there filling them quite well, they continue with PRD Chaos, Evil Crawling eye Tide of ambition and they close there set with Vitriolic and I Nagual Eye. It’s a really stomping set, they great, nice and tight, they can only get better; they must sound awesome come end of this tour.

Human Fly – 2/5
Maybeshewill – 3/5
The Ocean 3/5
Earthtone9 4/5

Review By Robert Lawrence


Karl Middleton,
Owen Packard,
Joe Roberts,
Dave Anderson,
Simon Hutchby

 The Ocean

Loïc Rossett
Jona Nido
Robin Staps
Louis Jucker
Luc Hess
Nils Lindenhayn


James Collins
John Helps
Robin Southby
Jamie Ward

 Human Fly

John & Andy Sutcliffe
Mat Dale
Dave Jones

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