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The Defiled
Romeo Must Die
Bristol, Croft
9th May 2011

The Defiled                   Romeo Must Die          
Photo Of Romeo Must Die © Copyright Karlie MThe Croft in Bristol is an ace little venue, walking in to the public area to see it covered from floor to ceiling with band posters with classical pin-up women in an Andy Warhol style. This certainly seemed like a perfect place to host a small city gig.

The ‘gig room’ was almost full when Romeo Must Die entered on stage, not too full that it was uncomfortable to be in there or distort your vision of the show. Adam Frake-Simes certainly knew how to work the crowd, blasting straight in to their thrash metal at 100mph. This was fresh, upbeat and made your ears bleed. The energy on stage was unbelievable, Adam and guitarist Ben Frost did not stop moving around, riling up the audience, demanding circle pits and getting everyone involved. You could see the sweat dripping from Adam’s face, the passion in his eyes was something to be admired, and you could see he was in his element on stage, this is what he was born to do. They only had a short set which was a real shame, they ran through a few hits from their new album' Harships In Season', including ‘Time..The Great Vivisector’ and 'The Fall of Man’. Not one beat was missed, the sound was crisp and penetrating. I can’t wait to see these guys headline a bigger show, I think they’d appreciate having more room to cause more chaos!

Photo Of The Defiled © Copyright Karlie MThe Defiled drew the crowd closer the second they began playing. Stitch D stood with his masterpiece that is his hair and make-up, The AVD raring to go, Curse without his trademark mask; instead some white masking take took his place with his teeth blacked out, JC Brutal topless and ready to dominate his kit and Vincent in his leather hat; guitar poised at the ready. The audience were gripped from the start, kicking off with 'In The Land Of Fools' then quickly dispersing in to their biggest hit from the album, ‘Call To Arms’. Everyone sang along and the sound seemed heavier, every note was spotlessly on key.

JC’s double bass skills were something to be admired; he is an incredibly talented drummer and adds so much to The Defiled as a band. Stitch D interacted with the crowd, inviting certain people on stage and asking pits to be created. For such a small and intimate venue this was really a show worth being present at. The AVD molested his keys and mixed with the crowd, posing for photos during songs and shaking hands. This band that cares about their fans, it was clear at all times Photo Of The Defiled © Copyright Karlie Mthat they were conscious of wanting to create a good show. Vincent had many a hat-change, and Curse concentrated furiously on his riffs. They played tracks from old and new, admittedly the crowd responded more to the new but this didn’t seem to affect the gig as a whole. ‘The Resurrectionists’ and ‘Black Plague’ stood out in particular; Stitch D’s vocal abilities are striking and grasp your attention at the first note.

Overall The Defiled put on a damn good show, with a great support from Romeo Must Die. Go see them both!

The Defiled – 5/5
Romeo Must Die – 5/5

Review By Karlie M

 The Defiled

Stitch D
The A.V.D
Vincent Hyde

 Romeo Must Die

Adam Frakes-Sime
Paul Fletcher
Aaron Darling
Ben Frost
Will Romain

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