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Whole Lotta Led
Birmingham, Institute
20th May 2011

Whole Lotta Led          
Photo Of Whole Lotta Led © Copyright Robert LawrenceIf there's one thing I hate and that's waiting, I don't care who it is, but don't open the doors an hour and 15 minutes before your due on, and even then the doors opened over half an hour late. Rant over.

Ok this is about as close as your going to get to the real deal, I'd take a sound alike over a look a like any day and that's what we got here, whole lotta led, one of, if not the best led zep tribute act around. It s the shame the crowd isn't all that tonight, most hanging back by the bar the front of half of the room is practically deserted, the band look like they’re having a good time though, they open there set with Achilles last stand, superb song, heavy but not quite in with a bang as I was looking for, this is followed by custard pie, thank you, nobody's fault but mine, love that song, it's so good, you shook me, there playing Through the years a bit jumping about, but this seems to just easing them nicely into the set, taking it slow and building, the tones sound right, everything seems spot on to the album as such there's some deviation for sure stretching bits out here and here but, it's pretty much by the numbers, which ain't too bad. This ain't no play all the ones everyone knows, this is a well thought out set list that's divided in to 3 parts, the classics as in there but so are some of the lesser talked about songs too such as. Over the hills and far away, heartbreaker has Photo Of Whole Lotta Led © Copyright Robert Lawrencesuch a bouncy riff that still sounds awesome to this day it's meant to played live and loud, the vocalist sounds pretty good, it's a tad forced in places, but overall it's pretty good and how I remember it on my LPs( that's vinyl records for you kids who only know mp3s, philistines) the guitarist show boating as it were with his solo towards the end of the song, that's was pretty cool, you know the part where it breaks down, when the levee breaks closes the first part of the set then it's a quick break and back into it with good times bad time, and this is the start of the heavier set which features the likes of black dog, immigrant song and that amazing riff an solo that you can’t help but love. Then the mammoth noose that is Moby dick, drum solos aren't my thing but This is cool. Then my and probably everyone else's favourite stairway to heaven, no matter how many times I hear it it still grabs me every time. I think now it’s all downhill from here, they close out the main set with song remains the same, Dazed and confused and a blistering rendition of rock and roll and another break before the encore.

Photo Of Whole Lotta Led © Copyright Robert LawrenceThey open with Whole lotta Love before breaking half way through with a theramin solo which is followed Communication Breakdown which goes back into the rest of Whole lotta love, and the crowd still hasn't budged, although the sound was better at the back of the room. I enjoyed this set, the only thing I didn't like was the vocals it’s probably the hardest part to nail, and fall short but other than this gripe, it was awesome to hear the classics.


Review By Robert Lawrence

 Whole Lotta Led


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