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Heavens Basement
Wolverhampton, Slade Rooms
12th May 2011

Jettblack                     Heavens Basement
Photo Of Heavens Basement © Copyright Olly GoodmanHeavens Basement take the stage and the room livens up slightly but still not much. They play through some of their old classics and some newer songs off their new EP to showcase their new singer Aaron Buchanan on his debut tour; great voice which superb live sound but I find Aaron to be a little over the top for my liking when it comes to his attitude and stage antics. I know that their previous singer Richie as they all did took influence in the way they dress and act from the glam scene but the way in which Aaron constantly dances around in the way that he does is pushing it just a bit too far. At the end however he redeems himself and firmly establishes why he deserves to be the front man of such a formidable band by stage diving after dancing along the front barrier and then hanging upside down from the lighting rig; it was an absolutely tremendous moment during the night and also pure insanity. When this band release their debut album and perhaps tone back the dancing they will be all set to become an unstoppable force in the British music scene.

Photo Of Jettblack © Copyright Olly GoodmanJettblack spring onto the stage in front of a slightly diminished audience but it doesn’t even remotely faze them at all as they smash out what they have set out to do. They rock the main headline slot tonight as professionally and playfully as possible filling the air with that brand of glam infused hard rock that they pull off amazingly well. Their set is a lot of fun; there’s much crowd interaction, the humour is flowing and there is even a little guitar duel between the 2 guitarists with the bass player playing the part of ring announcer, great stage performance with every member of the band getting involved with the set and establishing their own personalities that complement each other perfectly. Their tracks are infectious and very easy to catch onto, people who have never heard of them before are still singing along to tracks like “Slip It On”, “Get Your Hands Dirty”, “Fooled By A Rose” and the hilarious “When It Comes To Loving”. Criminally underrated band and everyone should have stayed around after Heavens Basement to see them as they would have had a lot of fun; the shenanigans are perfectly balanced, not cringe worthy and not too over the top like I said earlier they bring some professionalism to the table and its invigorating to see an up and coming act take on this image and sound and not over do it.

Heavens Basement – 4/5
Jettblack – 5/5

Review By James Webb


Will Stapleton
Jon Dow
Matt Oliver
Tom Wright

 Heavens Basement

Aaron Buchanan
Sid Glover
Rob Ellershaw
Chris Rivers

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