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Jim Jones Revue
Lewis Henry Floyd
12th April 2011

Jim Jones Revue          Lewis Henry Floyd       
As I walked in Lewis Henry Floyd was rocking his miniature drums with his feet, blasting out the guitar and singing, all simultaneously. I was shocked to see this one man band holding it together whilst on stage. The sound was slightly off, although you could still sense the soul from his voice seeping through. He interacted well with the crowd and played some real funky tunes, yet all that switched and then he began resembling the vocals frim 80’s Matchbox B-Line Disaster! It was unpredictable to say the least, yet still enjoyable. I think he would have been better received at the end of the evening, not at the beginning. He flitted through playing his guitar with his teeth, changing his style and at another point even sounding like the Beastie Boys! I would definitely check him out again, but maybe after a few beverages…

The Jim Jones Revue certainly made the crowd aware that they had arrived, they beamed out pure energy from the speakers and everyone danced along in one way or another. Lead singer Jim certainly drew in the ladies, his gravel coated voice emulated sex appeal. Every step he took had a sexual ‘swagger’ about it, the way he caressed his microphone to the way he gyrated his hips throughout the song, it was all a very steamy affair! He was suave and wasn’t afraid who knew it, he teased the ladies by performing a mini strip tease with his jacket before saying; ‘Get ready to take your clothes off, this is Cement Mixer’’.

‘Killing Spree’ seemed to go down well with the crowd, however I felt the acoustics weren’t quite balanced properly (maybe this had something to do with us being on a metal boat). The other band members seemed to put their energy into it, especially the piano player. These guys were an instant mood lifter; how anyone could listen to these and not feel better about the world I’m not sure. There was not one point in their set where the atmosphere dropped; it was a constant high the entire time they were performing. When they left the stage everyone began stamping, clamping and chanting for more. They returned to play for another 20 minutes or so, including songs such as (The Black Song) The encore seemed more keyboard-based, but it sounded good and didn’t alter the hard work they had already put in to this show. What a brilliantly entertaining band to see live, just don’t forget your dancing partner.

The Jim Jones Revue - 4/5
Lewis Henry Floyd - 3/5

Review By Karlie M

 Jim Jones Revue

Jim Jones
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 Lewis Henry Floyd

Lewis Henry Floyd

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