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Bring Me The Horizon
Parway Drive, Architects, Devil Wears Prada
Birmingham, Academy
28th April 2011

Bring Me The Horizon        Parkway Drive    Architects           Devil Wears Prada

Photo Of Devil Wears Prada © Copyright Robert LawrenceFirst up are US noise mongers Devil Wears Prada, while the first two songs seemed to pass me by without too much notice, but the third got my action it seems noticeably heavier and strangely catchy too, the drumming is pretty damn good but really over kill on the double kick drum on some of the songs, the 5th is probably the most melodic so far and dare say a tad balladish in places, before killing it with the double kick drum some more. The guitar work is pretty good but the bass really cancels some of it out and gets lost in the mix I'm sure it sounds awesome on stage but some of it is lost to the drums, which is disappointing, as it's pretty decent in places, the guitar work that is. There a lively bunch too, real lively which is a great visual feast but a pain to photograph, but I enjoy a challenge

Architects are a good band that should surely be higher in the billing tonight, and compared to their set from the last time I saw them 2 years ago, it was quite controlled, quite mellow and rather melodic, I assume from what Tom from the band said, they'll be playing material Photo Of Architects © Copyright Robert Lawrencemostly from the last two albums, it's rather good, still heavy and still retaining the essence other bands sound just more melodic. They opened there set with Day in Day Out and Delete rewind off their latest album, seems more toned down and melodic, still heavy, but more palatable on the ol'ears, this continued Follow the water and heartburn which really took me by surprise, as a full on ballad of sorts, Learn to Live, open letter and early grave, seem to bring the heaviness back to what I know, but it was still good to hear and I liked it, something I'm sure I’d have disagreed with before the start of the night.

Photo Of Parkway Drive © Copyright Robert LawrenceParkway drive, a band all the way from Australia and also one I know little about, I’ve heard there name banded about a few times, possibly the heaviest band of the night and probably the loudest too they open there set with Samsara and Unrest and in all honesty these songs really passed me by without too much notice because I was too busy trying to photograph them as they were really moving about on stage I took more notice of boneyards, a real heavy noisy rocking song, this continued with Idols and Romance. The heaviness is pretty unrelenting, the drumming is pretty damn good, guitar work heavy but not much in the way of killer riffs. After playing Karma, Deadmass, Deliver and set closer Carios I found the sound to be wearing a bit thin, as the set was the longest so far, not the most enjoyable band, but I'll live.

Photo Of Bring Me The Horizon © Copyright Robert LawrenceBring Me the Horizon, wasn't sure what to expect tonight but when the curtains were drawn back I've never heard such a scream from the crowd, beatlemainia any one? They open there sort with, It never ends which is then swiftly followed by, Fuck, It’s an electric opening and spent some of it dodging crowd surfers, but not beer thankfully, the crowd are jumping all over the place just the band are, and the crowd are singing ever last single word, Oli could take the night off and just jump around, although the singing from the crowd is mostly in a higher pitch, amusing to say the least. Now BMTHs normal drummer broke his arm the night before so architects drummer is filling in so far it's flawless and really brutal, he really on it, fantastic. They seem to have a few tech difficulties which slows the relentless pace, one of the guitarists started to play the intro to Metallica’s blackened, I liked it. The mid set included the likes of The Sadness will never end, Diamonds aren't forever and Football season is over. Suicide season is pretty much the best song of the mid set it is fantastic, great riff sounds way better than the album version and really Photo Of Bring Me The Horizon © Copyright Robert Lawrenceheartfelt lyrics that left a few fans a bit teary eyed. Oli then challenges the crowd to give him a high five so pretty much mow of the crowd proceed to crowd surf, I watched a steam of people coming past me out of the pit. They opened there encore with blessed with a curse which is a storming song, heavy melodic and sung well screamed anyway. They also released the balloons during the melodic part of the song. They finished their excellent set with Chelsea smile, and near the end of the song they scaled the rafter and closed the song on the balcony opposite the stage, brilliant.

Devil Wears Prada – 3/5
Architects – 4/5
Parkway Drive - 3/5
Bring Me The Horizon - 5/5

Review By Robert Lawrence

 Bring Me The Horizon

Oliver Sykes
Lee Malia
Matt Kean
Matt Nicholls
Jona Weinhofen

 Parkway Drive

Winston McCall
Ben Gordon
Jeff Ling
Luke Kilpatrick
Jia O'Connor


Sam Carter
Tom Searle
Dan Searle
Tim Hillier-Brook

 The Devil Wears Prada

Mike Hranica
Jeremy DePoyster
James Baney
Chris Rubey
Andy Trick
Daniel Williams

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