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The Acacia Strain
Birmingham, Academy 3
11th April 2011

Whitechapel       The Acacia Strain    

The Acacia Strain definitely know what they want for the night; I quote “I need you to get angry, I need you to get aggressive, this is negative music, no positivity allowed”. After that understanding is reached it becomes quite a fierce set. “I’m 29, I’m getting quite old for the music industry so this one goes out to all the oldies”, that’s quite a powerful statement to unleash onto a crowd that are pretty much all under the age of 20 but they eat it up makes them feel young again. The crowd aren’t as into them as they are for Whitechapel but that isn’t stopping them from having a good time but the applause and cheering is much less than it should be. They warm up the sold out room well for the headline act that is to follow.

Whitechapel bring the aggression tonight, that is pretty much what they aim for musically and live. All it takes is the drummer walking on stage for the room to become an all out warzone that the security we’re scared to do anything about. They don’t care about anything but music and their fans by the look of it, no over the top antics no being soppy or stupid by saying ridiculous things, just playing it cool this evening. Easily the best way to ask for a wall of death ever, he parted the room just as Moses parted the red sea like a heavy metal prophet if you will. They get to the point, not ranting on about politics or humanity for ages between songs just rushing through saying thank you and all the normal bits and bobs just to get straight back into the music. Good showman ship from the band and everyone seems to be enjoying themselves, even I did and I don’t particularly like their music but like I always say, someone’s music does not dictate they can’t kill it live.

The Acacia Strain – 3/5
Whitechapel – 3/5

Review By James Webb


Ben Savage
Gabe Crisp
Phil Bozeman
Ben Harclerode
Alex Wade
Zach Householder

 The Acacia Strain

Vincent Bennett
Daniel Laskiewicz
Jack Strong
Kevin Boutot

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