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My Passion
Lost Alone, Octane Ok, Never Means Maybe, New Killer Shoes
Birmingham, Institute
22nd April 2011

Photo Of New Killer Shoes © Copyright Robert LawrenceNew killer shoes are a 4 piece bland indie pop band; the opening song didn't really go anywhere or do anything. Songs kind of sound the same throughout the set and they sound really flat. And what's with all the swearing, every other word in-between is fucking this and fucking that from the front man, they don't seem to realise that most of the crowd is made up of kids. The 3rd song in hypocrite, same blandness different sound though which makes it interesting for a minute or two. The crowd are completely comatose, no reaction at all. I really can't stress the word 'average' enough. The only bright spot was the awesome guitar solo during a song called what I believe to be called wet lie, this band must be a pit stop to better things for the lead guitarist. Work in progress a much heavier song, is the other highlight in the set finally a song that doesn't smack of mediocrity. There an average band, it's a wonder as to why there on this bill as 5 bands. It can only get better surely.

Photo Of Never Means Maybe © Copyright Robert LawrenceNever Means Maybe are an Alternative rock band. The crowd show some signs of life which is nice to finally see, they react well to the bands 4th song. It's a good mix of screamo and clean vocals, much preceding the cleaner vocals. But the band ain't doing nothing massively new well nothing new really than what clogs up rock radio stations, just another average band that has had some success with chugging riffs and the double bass drum sound. Some of the riffs are pretty decent I have to say, but the rest of sound is lacking a killer edge. The songs sound rather the same and get a bit messy in places. But at least the band is lively as are the crowd, having two drum sets on stage the one at the front effectively splitting the bands in two, that's gotta interfere with some band chemistry a little.

Photo Of Octane OK © Copyright Robert LawrenceOctane Ok another local band, and to be honest as much as I love local bands, these ain't one of them, and I know a fair few bands that are much better. There songs are ok, but it's something you've heard a million times, nothing original about this lot. It's all very middle of the road, radio friendly pop rock, the vocals are pretty decent but the riffs aren't that lively or memorable. It's all just so very average but the crowd are eating it up really which I guess is what matters.

Photo Of Lost alone © Copyright Robert LawrenceLost alone come on to, Jeff Wayne's war of the world’s main theme Song, love that song, not sure how it relates to the band but it is cool, There a 3 piece hard rock band. It's all very sharp and noisy, sung in one tone. Te riffs are noisy and I really can't make them out at times the drumming goes from a messy sound to simple beats, it works but the messy part really don't sound too good, it's too much. The sound is too full on too high end. And the lighting is utterly dire. There a good band to watch and at times some good guitar work really shines through but at others it feels like I'm being bludgeoned by their sound. The songs go from good to average, but there's nothing here that really stands out to grab attention.

Photo Of My Passion © Copyright Robert LawrenceMy passion this would be my second time in seeing them, this time they've been given free reign of the stage, and they are using it to its fullest. All of them are painted gold; Laurence has a whole American Psycho. Patrick Batman thing going on, looks good, the gold paint, must and does get everywhere; they open there lively set with, the girl who lost her smile, good opening song which is followed by asleep in the asylum, another storming song. The crowd are finally awoken from there slumber by these two energetic songs, never ever land carries the set forward after the openers. In my fever, crazy & me, come back to me, keep the pace up, you wonder when they gonna slow down but they seem too bound on unlimited energy and the gold body paint is still holding fast, it looks awesome. This set is well paced and never seems to drag, lily White lies is a new song and it's only there 2nd time playing it live, it seems to go down quite well with the young crowd. The set storms on Photo Of My Passion © Copyright Robert Lawrencewith secret, day of bees, dance of life, thanks for nothing and set closer, the mess we made with our lives, close out the set in which the band most of the band except for the synth player who finishes out the set on his own while the rest of the band mosh in the crowd much to the delight to the fans involved. After a dire support line up, it's good to see a band turn it on like this. Top bombing!

New Killer Shoes – 2/5
Never Means Maybe – 3/5
Octane Ok– 3/5
Lost Alone 3/5
My Passion 5/5

Review By Robert Lawrence

 My Passion

Laurence René
John Be
Jonathan Gaskin
Simon Rowlands
Jamie Nicholls

 Lost Alone

Steven Battelle
Alan Williamson
Mark Gibson

 Octane Ok

Paul Tandy
Mikey Rainsford
Tom Weston
Matt Harper

 Never Means Maybe

Renz Byrne
Bert Forster
Tom McCarthy
Drew Steane
Matt Steane

 New Killer Shoes

Ryan Kings
Jon Kings
Ben Smith
Ricky-Lee Cooper

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