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The Blackout
The Swellers, Hyro Da Hero
HMV Institute Birmingham
9th April 2011

The Blackout              The Swellers      Hyro Da Hero

Photo Of The Swellers © Copyright Robert LawrenceHyro Da Hero, Ok so it's rap rock but not nu metal, Hyro opens on his own with some acapella rapping, then the rest of the band join him on stage, it seems a bit disjointed and a cheap rage against the machine cheap knock off, the musicianship ain't all that bad, the guitar riffs are pretty good, the bass is in there somewhere, the drumming is alright, but there's no killer song in the set, Sean smith came out for some rapping on beam me up Scotty, this naturally sent the crowd loopy, and dodging two vocalists was fun while trying not to be strangled by a stray mic cord, always fun whatever the weather, for a first band the room is already heaving, from a warm day to a hot venue there's going to be some Pass outs tonight guaranteed!!

The Swellers are a 4 piece pop rock band that ice seen before actually there not too bad, bit to flat for my liking in all honesty this time around, some decentish riffs, the songs are over before they begin, which in all fairness is probably a good thing, the drumming is fast but simple, the bass is in there somewhere but there a lively bunch and are putting on a good show. but again a bit on the loud side and after a while the music starts to wear thin along with the volume, I'm just not feeling this band tonight, guess the first time I saw them was enough for me or perhaps they should play jet lagged more often, who knows, either way, I'm not much of a fan of this band this time around tonight.

Photo Of Teh Blackout © Copyright Robert LawrenceThe Blackout Pop punk rock at its best? Probably, lively bloody lot though, and a rather packed photographers pit to add to the already packed venue. They really blast through the songs with venom in the vocals in some of the songs, they put on a solid show, it's fast catchy and aggressive and the crowd are responding in kind, mostly girls I might add, it's an electrifying show, one of be best so far the band says, They open with Ambition is critical, Children of the Night, that’s a really catchy tune, and The Fire. It’s an electric start to the set that continues with the likes of Murder in the make believe ballroom, Prepare for a wound, Said and Done, Spread Legs not lies, Hope (scream it loud) a new song off the new album, it’s pretty decent, Were going to hell so bring the sun block, This is why we can’t have nice things and I’m a Riot? You’re a fucking riot Photo Of The Blackout © Copyright Robert Lawrenceclose out the main set. They come back on to screams, not that it ever stopped really, Shutthefuckuppercut opens the encore, brilliant song, Higher and higher and Save ourselves close the set, sweaty night or what! Its worked really well in a small venue like this packed like it is, fantastic really, crowd singing along, not seen many like this not even the last time I saw them 2 years ago. It was a good all round set, new and old songs working well, and the crowd loving every minute of it.

Hyro Da Hero – 2/5
The Swellers – 2/5
The Blackout 5/5

Review By Robert Lawrence

 The Blackout

Sean Smith
Gavin Butler
Matthew Davies
James Davies
Rhys Lewis
Gareth "Snoz" Lawrence

 The Swellers

Nick Diener
Jonathan Diener
Ryan Collins
Anto Boros

 Hyro Da Hero

Nick Diener
Jonathan Diener
Ryan Collins
Anto Boros

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