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King's X
Wolverhampton, Wulfrun Hall
10th April 2011

King's X                       Klone  
Photo Of Klone © Copyright Oliver GoodmanKlone are a progressive metal band from France and an extremely good one at that. Very Tool-esque sound especially with the vocals yet he can still get some quite beast metal screaming in there when he needs to. Even though there wasn’t really much of a crowd they did the best with what they had and powered through a journey of progressive energy. The song were extremely long they had a fairly large set and I think only did 7 songs; towards the end of the set it began to get a bit boring but for the most part was exciting. The lighting helped the sound they had really dim lighting and dark blues so that you couldn’t really see them and they were more silhouettes than actual people which made it quite trippy; very good show from a band relatively unknown in this country.

King’s X are just far too cool for their own good. Striding onto the stage as though they’ve walked through the front door of their homes, they look that comfortable. Bassist Doug Pinnick wearing an extremely nice hat and some attitude; the man is a very soul orientated person but can twang that base with some damn talent and his voice has some soul and passion in there. You would never think that man was 60 Photo Of King's X © Copyright Oliver Goodmanyears of age he’s in great shape and has the playful attitude on stage comparable to that of some extremely young bands today. They tear through a set of massive heavy rock tunes with some great twists and turns throughout. The drummer gets his name chanted a fair bit and smashes at that kit to pieces with great skill, the guitarist too has some great technical skills his solo’s whilst not all being really fast and furious are very fitting and clean. They messed up once but that didn’t bother them at all they embraced it “That wasn’t on purpose, we never fuck up on purpose, I played the wrong song because I can’t read”. When the night goes to an end and they come back on for their encore they make those last 3 songs last a while just to get a bit more humour in there when they made a song last for 6 minutes longer that it should have making it seem to come to a stop several times. They are all very nice guys and they play some phenomenal music they may have been going 30 years but they seem to never get stale; they weren’t lying about the fans too, there may have been only 1000 people in the room but they sounded like 10,000 with wave after wave of people singing and dancing around. Such a great way to spend a Sunday night.

Klone – 4/5
King’s X – 5/5

Review By James Webb Photos By Oliver Goodman

 King's X

Doug Pinnick
Jerry Gaskill
Ty Tabor


Yann Ligner
Guillaume Bernard
Michael Moreau
Jean Etienne Maillard
Florent Marcadet
Matthieu Metzger

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