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There For Tomorrow, While She Sleeps
Birmingham, HMV Institute
18th March 2011

Silverstein            There For Tomorrow    While She Sleeps
Sheffield Metalcore outfit "While She Sleeps" kick off the evening with a lot more than a bang. You'd think they were the headline act with how much effort they put into a very solid set. It was a shame that they didn't have too many dedicated fans here to see them and they're somewhat aggressive demanding for crowd interaction didn't do them any favours with the rest of the crowd. Unfortunate considering the presence they held themselves with on stage is that of a band that is worthy of the level of hype they are receiving.

There For Tomorrow certainly had a large fan base in the crowd and rightly so, "A Little Faster" earned the band some heavy critical acclaim and with their new album waiting in the wings, their fans are certainly hungry for more.
They put out a very enjoyable set, fitting in some good fan favourites like "Pages" and title track "A Little Faster" while having a good laugh and a joke with the crowd. It was a little apparent that they felt a little bit out of place being the "lighter" band on the tour, being slightly reserved in the initial few songs, but they hyped up nicely as they built rapport and won over the crowd.

Having not seen Silverstein in a few years, I was curious to see if they had changed at all, hopping they would be as good as the last time I saw them.

All I can say is, they certainly are a band that are constantly out doing themselves and surpassed all my expectations of what I imagined they would be like this far within their first two songs. "Scarfice" especially blew me away, Shane Told is still the ever amazing front man, and with a line up that hasn't changed in over 8 years, it's easy to understand how they not only put out the amazing music that they do, but also to deliver it with such passion, energy and vigour.

Keeping everyone happy, they push out a very pleasing set with classic tracks like "Your Sword Vs My Dagger" And "Smashed Into Pieces" as well as an abundance of their newer material.

Always talking to the crowd and enjoying their company, I will definitely be one of the many in the crowd holding them to their promise to come back to the UK sometime soon, and I'd suggest that everyone else should be there when they do.

While She Sleeps 3/5
There For Tomorrow 3/5
Silverstein 4/5

Review By Justin Andree


Paul Koehler
Neil Boshart
Josh Bradford
Billy Hamilton
Shane Told

 There For Tomorrow

Maika Haini Maile
Christian Climer
Chris Kamrada
Jay Enriquez

 While She Sleeps

Lawrence Taylor
Mat Welsh
Sean Long
Aaran McKenzie
Adam Savage

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