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The Gossip
Bristol, Academy
8th September 2007

The Academy in Bristol is a pretty interesting looking venue, with three separate rooms, the first being just as you walk in the venue and go past the box office you walk into the main downstairs bar room which is extremely spacious, if you go upstairs there is another separate bar room which is also known as the Bar Academy where the more underground bands end up playing in Bristol whilst the rest of the venue is shut off. Then finally the main room where the band play is quite small but fits a fair amount of people in due to the look of the room, it’s a rectangle shaped room with twisty stairs going up to the top of the venue where people can stand and watch the bands. Once upstairs you have a great view if you are right at the front of the barrier but if you are not the venue has two tv's hanging down showing what’s happening on stage but the quality’s so bad it feels like you’re down your local pub watching a dodgy pirate copy of a concert.

We arrived at the Academy half way through the set of the first band who were called No Bra, and to be fair they were the weirdest band I have ever seen and heard this year and consisted of a person stood on stage with an extremely short pink mini skirt on and no top on with tits hanging out, yeah this might sound thrilling to some people but the strange thing was this person had extremely long hair, a slight bit of stubble and a mans voice, yes that’s pretty freaky was it a man or was it a woman? I was pretty convinced No Bra was a man but I have since been told that No Bra is a female. The bands sound was spoken word over a bit of acoustic music with lyrics about whose got the biggest cock, catching syphilis in Topshop and how to tell if someone likes bum sex which could please some people but certainly didn’t make me a fan of the band but drew me to the bar extremely quick.

The second support band were Pencil Toes and they were only on the Bristol show of the Gossip tour and we some how managed to miss them due to talking in the bar for a long time.

Gossip were due to take the stage at 9.45pm and the time was fast approaching so we made our way out to the main room, the fans soon started to get impatient as Gossip were running late, the lights of the venue finally dimmed and the band took to the stage. To be fair Gossip are a very strange looking band where each member is so different. Guitarist Brace Paine was situated to on the left hand side of the stage and looked every bit like a stoner geek rocker with his long hair over his face, big geeky glasses and spending most of the show rocking back and forth strumming his guitar. Drummer Hannah Blilie was situated in the middle at the back of the stage and was dressed in a blue vest top with her skinny arms on display showing off her bright selection of tattoos. Vocalist Beth Ditto took to the stage wearing a yellow dress and yellow shoes to match, the shoes lasted about 5 seconds before Beth kicked them off and spent the rest of the show bare footed.

Beth Ditto is a really confident person who really loves to interact with her fans, talking to them at every opportunity about anything that comes into her head from admitting to buying her dress from cheapo shop Primark to dodgy stories about Yorkshire Puddings. The band played through a number of songs from their albums but it wasn’t until about 5 songs into the set that the crowd got really into the show singing every word of 'Jealous Girls' along with Beth.

The crowd were loving every minute of the show with nearly half the crowd kitted out with glow sticks and glow bracelets with a handful of fans throwing their glow sticks on stage for Beth who happily picked them up and threw them back into the crowd. Beth was extremely energetic throughout the whole show moving back and forth along the stage like one of them cheap wind up toys.

When 'Standing in The Way Of Control' was played both the band and crowd went mental, Hannah was bashing the drums with force and passion creating the tinny drumming sound that really makes the song. Beth spent the majority of the song off the stage down with the security guards shaking hands with the fans at the front of the barrier, towards the end of the song Beth decided it would be a good idea to join the crowd and climbed over the barrier and joined the crowd which didn’t go down too well with the security who tried to drag her back but totally failed. Whilst being mobbed by the crowd Beth managed to finish the song word for word without making any mistakes which was pretty impressive. When the song finished, Beth finally managed to get away from the crowd and back on the stage and the band quickly left the stage for a quick two minute break before coming back on to play their last song of the night 'Listen Up!' which is my personal favourite song by Gossip and was a great finish to the show.

Overall the Gossip were impressive with Beth's vocals sounding so strong and exactly like they do on cd, the only down side to the show was that the Gossip were over far to quick with a set that lasted just over 50 minutes.


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 The Gossip

Beth (Vocals)
Brace (Bass)
Hannah (Drums)
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