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The Stranglers
Wilko Jones
Bristol Academy
24th March 2011

The Stranglers           Wilko Johnson    
Wilko Johnson had a pretty decent crowd waiting before he arrived on stage; looking a bit frail around the edges he began playing and showed that no musical talent had been lost whatsoever. Regardless of this, the crowd seemed uninterested, no one moved and even facial expressions seemed distant. They played well, however there was no stage presence or crowd interaction to warm up the crowd.

'Waltzing Black' played as we waited for The Stranglers to arrive, this was perfect intro music. Baz Warne, Dave Greenfield, Jean-Jaques Burnel and Jet Black entered the stage and they proved within the first few notes that they are still as good as they ever were, despite a few band member changes it didn't seem to effect this faultless performance. I was amazed how lifeless the crowd were; admittedly most were over 40, but surely that's never stopped anyone expressing their enjoyment? A few sang along to 'Always The Sun' and 'Golden Brown', with a few jumping in the middle for the more upbeat songs, but overall the audience seemed almost unappreciative of the show that was happening in front of them; far more praise was due than they recieved.

'Something Better Change' was a fantastic division between the old and the new; this line up seemed to gel well together and the overall performance was spectacluar considering it was a fairly light hearted set. The performance varied between big periods of old and then new, however the crowd only seemed interested in the old. The Stranglers emulated cool, they were suave and held their own throughout the entire show, they are so brilliantly British, and it was ace to see them still continuing their 70's and 80's style. 'Peaches' was executed brilliantly, really and truely bringing back their punk origin.

They continued their set and the crowd got slightly better, although it was more of a trough than a peak overall. The time came for them to leave and they returned with their cover of 'All Day and All Of The Night' followed by 'No More Heroes', the crowd sang along to these but there was still not enough energy in the room! The finished after a massive build up and thanked the crowd. What a cracking show, just a shame they had a zombie-fied crowd watching them.

Wilko Johnson - 2/5
The Stranglers - 5/5

Review By Karlie M

 The Stranglers

Jean-Jacques Burnel
Baz Warne
Jet Black
Dave Greenfield

 Wilko Johnson

Wilko Johnson

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