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Children Of Bodom
Amon Amarth, Ensiferum
Birmingham Academy
8th April 2011

Children Of Bodom    Amon Amarth       Ensiferum
Photo Of Ensiferum © Copyright Robert Lawrence Ensiferum are a 5 piece metal band from Finland. It's the sort of melodic battle metal that I like, it's fast, the vocals I can understand, the guitar riffs are plentiful and catchy and the solos are fucking awesome! Best of all the crowd are really into this band, which is nice to see, there having a good time and by the looks of it, so are the band. The drumming is heavy and good, gotta love that double kick drum machine gun sound, brilliant, there short set just seems to fly by, the guitarist really fly about their fret boards and they like to get around the stage a fair bit too. It's a good show to watch and overall a good band to listen to, Viking metal at its best.

Photo Of Amon Amarth © Copyright Robert LawrenceAmon Amarth are playing a Really good show tonight, speaking in that growling voice must really muff up his voice though. Plenty of good Nordic battle metal songs people are rocking out to tonight, Opening with War of the Gods, Runes to My Memory, and a absolutely banging tune Guardians of Asgaard, love that song, there's a good blend of melody and just all out metal noise. The band look like they’re enjoying themselves, much better than the last time I saw them, I can even understand some of the vocals which is nice, I think a shorter set certainly suits their music better, I certainly enjoyed the likes of Destroyer of the Universe, Live for the Kill, A Beast am I, Varyags and set closers Twilight of Thunder and fan favourite Pursuit of the Vikings with its awesome riff and rhythm to the song. Overall it’s a really good set that flowed nicely with plenty of decent riffs that everyone can enjoy.

Children of Bodom are Really tearing it up tonight right from the get go with their catchy fast metal, they open with not my funeral, Bodom Beach Terror and one of my favourites needled 24/7, it's a great start to the set, it's also good to hear a fast band that you can also listen to, some of the solos are pretty damn Photo Of Children Of Bodom © Copyright Robert Lawrenceawesome, some less so but still damn good, this band really know how to rock out hard, there having a good time up on the stage and the crowd even more so, They continue with Ugly, such a good tune and that's where I exited the photographers pit mid song, Round trip to hell and back, In your face, Living Dead beat, then taking the set back a few years with Children of Boom, great tune that, Hate me, Blood drunk, close out the middle of the set. At this point the band is in full flow and really on it, really giving it some on stage sounding absolutely fantastic, riffs are heavy, drumming is on top form, bass and keys are really on it, can’t ask for too much more really. The crowd even sing happy birthday to Alexi, twice, well it is his birthday! They close their main set with Shovel Knockout, Angels don’t kill, Follow the reaper really storms the set, this should have either closed the main set or be an encore song, and Downfall closes the main set. They come back on with Was it worth it and the superb Hate Crew Death Roll, my favourite song off the album of the same name, superb. There much so better live than on CD by a mile, you can really feel the music and venom in some of the songs. fannytastic!

Ensiferum 4/5
Amon Amarth 4/5
Children Of Bodom 5/5

Review By Robert Lawrence

 Children Of Bodom

Jaska Raatikainen
Alexi Laiho
Roope Latvala
Janne Wirman
Henkka Seppälä

 Amon Amarth

Johan Hegg
Johan Söderberg
Olavi Mikkonen
Ted Lundström
Fredrik Andersson


Petri Lindroos
Markus Toivonen
Sami Hinkka
Janne Parviainen
Emmi Silvennoinen

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