Gig Review

Funeral For A Friend
Rise To Remain, Tiger Please
Birmingham Academy 2
23rd March 2011

Funeral For A Friend     Rise To Remain      Tiger Please
Photo Of Rise To Remain © Copyright Robert Lawrence Tiger please, are a Indie/Alternative 5 piece band, to be honest they sound a lot Kings of Leon do on their previous album, Only By The Night , It's accessible indie rock, it's real radio friendly stuff which is by no means a bad thing , and will defiantly appeal to ffaf fans. They got some good rock melodies, the vocals are abut rough but clean, it's good sounding, the guitar riffs are pretty decent pretty catchy stuff, drumming ain't all that bad either, they know how to write a catchy song, which are defiantly worth a second listen on a CD.

Rise to remain, a Metal core 5 piece on the rise so to speak. And the last time I saw them was in 2009, It was a so so set, but they seem to have grown as a band. There really tearing it up tonight storming the stage with their opening song Illusive Existence, not too sure of the other songs they played as there not really a band that I follow, I know they played the serpent and possible Purify, Power Through Fear, Bridges Will Burn, it seemed like a shot set, with their blistering pace, and they seem to be the odd band out, and also a tough act to follow. The vocals went in and out a bit, but other than that it wasn't half bad, lots of energy given on stage. Good heavy set, with lots of fast riffs and plenty of aggression in the vocals and on the drums, they seem to have hit their stride now in this tour and it shows, other than the minor, tech problem it was a good set.

Photo Of Funeral For A Friend © Copyright Robert LawrenceFuneral for a friend are a band that I've waited to see for about 6-7 years, I never got round to it, better late than never I suppose, They opened there set with Roses For The Dead, a real blistering start to the set, quickly followed by Rookie of the year and new song Sixteen. They've got a really heavy sound tonight, some of the new songs sound pretty good, some decent riffs on display, good singing plenty of energy on show tonight, bit of banter, even gets a Human Jenga on the go, the rule is first person to touch the ceiling wins a prize tonight it's beans on toast with the singer after the gig! Needless to say no one managed it, one came close, he touched the disco ball! They continued their set with Juneau, another new song called Aftertaste, The End of Nothing, Serpents In Solitude of their EP which was released in latter half of last year, always good to hear songs off non albums, Damned If You Do, Dead If You Don't another new track, this got the crowd going a bit, which was cool. Monsters and Man alive and this was followed by History which took it down a notch and really got the crowd singing along, good to hear, and they closed out the main set with spinning over the island, I'd have ended with history, but never mind. They reopen there set with Oblivion, my all time favourite FFAF song well one of my all time favourite songs period! This got the crowd singing along once again, they finished out there set with Front Row and Escape Artist, a blistering high energy end to the night.

Tiger Please 3/5
Rise To Remain 3/5
Funeral For A Friend 4/5

Review By Robert Lawrence

 Funeral For A Friend

Kris Coombs-Roberts
Gavin Burrough
Ryan Richards
Matthew Davies-Kreye
Richard Boucher

 Rise To Remain

Austin Dickinson
Ben Tovey
Joe Copcutt
Pat Lundy
Will Homer

 Tiger Please

Leon Stanford
Tyla Campbell
Luc Morris
Lewis Rowsell
Jimmi Kendall

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