Gig Review

The Pigeon Detectives
The Heartbreaks, Club Smith
HMV Institute, Birmingham
2nd April 2011

The Pigeon Detectives       The Heartbreaks       Club Smith
Photo Of Club Smith © Copyright Robert Lawrence Club Smith, 4 piece synth indie rock band, they open fairly strongly with Connected the drum beat really plays a large part in driving the song forward, the set drops away after the opener. No friend of mine is there new single, not my choice for a single, as it's really not that good and is probably the weakest song in there half hour set. The band are quite lively on stage, even the keyboard player is giving it some. The drumming is pretty good, bass playing ain't too bad, and the guitar riffs are ok when you can really pick them out, the vocals are pretty typical for an indie band, but there still pretty good. It's a good performance, but the songs could be better really, more deviation from the formula would be nice.

The Heartbreaks, another 4 piece indie rock band, that seem to follow on from the last band with simpler drumming and no synth, it's ok but again there's nothing really grabbing my attention, it's all a bit middle of the road, remorseful has a decent opening riff, taking things down a bit, it's stands out as one of their better tracks not sounding much like their previous songs Photo Of The Heartbreaks © Copyright Robert Lawrencein the set, this is pretty much the set highlight, not sure what effect they got on the vocals but I can't bloody understand them!! In the new song again much better than the songs before, slowed down good drumming vocals still rubbish, liar my dear seems to take them back to their previous songs, not really capturing my attention or imagination, it has a few good moments but it’s still pretty middle of the road.

The Pigeon Detectives, Awesome name for any band really, and there music is defiantly 3 or 4 levels above the other bands that are on tonight combined, They open there set with I’m not gunna take this and What can I say, They have started out with great energy from the whole band but especially the front man, after a little technical problem after the first song, they really get into the groove they the third song in, I found out and Its one that even I know and its probably one of their most popular numbers but it really lights the crowd up, this really kick starts the show and the crowd really go crazy like the band, I'm pretty sure the singers idol is Mick Jagger, dancing around like the icon himself, it's really great to see, and he's got a great voice to boot, Photo Of The Pigeon Detectives © Copyright Robert Lawrenceplenty of radio friendly lyrics and guitar licks in the masses on display with the crowd knowing all the words. The songs are pretty quick short affairs, which is really good so people don't lose interest in the songs, there over before that even happens. Next up is Don't know how to say goodbye, This is an Emergency, Lost, She wants me, The good songs just keep on coming and the band and crowd really bouncing along, The singer having bits of banter with the crowd just to keep everything flowing nicely. Other songs that feature are Keep on your dress, Romantic Type, Turn out the lights, Say it like you mean it, Making up Numbers and new single off the new album Done in secret, great song, should do well in the charts, Everybody wants me and Take her back finish out the main set. They come back on with What you gonna do and close the set with the fantastic I'm Not Sorry, which again keeps the crowd singing along like they've done for most of the set. Great show.

Club Smith 3/5
The Heartbreaks 3/5
The Pigeon Detectives 5/5

Review By Robert Lawrence

 The Pigeon Detectives

Matt Bowman
Oliver Main
Ryan Wilson
Dave Best
Jimmi Naylor

 The Heartbreaks

Matthew Whitehouse
Joseph Kondras
Ryan Wallace
Chris Deakin

 Club Smith

Neil Clark
Sam Robson
Lee Clark
Vijay Mistry

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