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Kyuss Lives
Blood Cargo, Burden
Wolverhampton, Wulfrun Hall
1st April 2011

Kyuss Lives                Blood Cargo        Burden
Photo Of Burden © Copyright Robert Lawrence Burden are a pretty damn good German 5 piece heavy metal band and a bunch of nice guys to boot too. They open there set with the Slug the drag the misery, Bless the Broken and the Fool, They got some great heavy riffs, the singer sounds like Phil Anselmo who even take up the guitar to finish out one of the songs while the guitarist he pinched it off works the effects pedals and rocks out on the floor. \the singer has real powerful rough throaty vocals, the guitarists have plenty of decent riffs, the lead has ripped a few solos, he even has an extended solo part that wasn't overly long but more importantly was pretty good and entertaining, they got the drumming and riffs to really bang that head of yours!! I think a lot of people here tonight will leave here as fans of burden. There a solid heavy metal band.

Another metal band this time (well no shit) from Norway called Blood Cargo The singer is a bit of generic metal singer another guy who's been studying at the school of anselmo, but the music seems to follow on from Burden, more of the same really only a bit quicker but not as well done as Burden and they get boring really quickly. They have lots of meaty riffs, solid drumming an bass playing, really rocking out up on stage, for fans of pantera/down really, but it doesn't seem to be all that exciting or work particularly well, there not a bad band there's just something missing that they may hit on later on, but for now it aint all that and it certainly feels a tad dated too.

Photo Of Kyuss Lives © Copyright Robert LawrenceKyuss lives are really on it tonight, right from the get go, The came out to the super sounds of Gustav Holst's The Planets piece 'Mars', smoking cigarettes I might add, I wonder how much that will cost the Wulfrun tonight? They Then Launching right into Gardenia, good heavy opening and setting the standard high right at the start, they then go right into Hurricane and to close the opening of the set with Thumb. Next up was One inch man, then Conan pretty much blew my head clean off and finished the job that One inch man started, this is pretty much where the gig really exploded and took it up to another level. Kyuss Lives are a great live band, I feel sorry for people who have missed out on this because there's no Josh Homme, all I can say is fuck that noise, you’re missing out!! This is way way better than any Kyuss CD you have, you need to see and hear this band live. Freedom Run, Asteroid, Supa Scoopa and Mighty scoop , 50 Million year trip, Odyssey, White water, El Rodeo and 100 finish the main set, at this point the band have come on played and gone off again without saying much to the crowd, but It doesn't matter really, the music has been kicking ass all night so far. Kyuss lives come back on to much cheering, and go right into Spaceship landing and take it up a notch with Allens Wrench and then it was over, they didn't play Green Machine, but it doesn't matter, this is the best gig I've been to so far this year, this is going to be hard to beat such a great performance, you can’t ask for anything more.

Burden 3/5
Blood Cargo 2/5
Kyuss Lives 5/5

Review By Robert Lawrence

 Kyuss Lives

John Garcia
Bruno Fevery
Nick Oliveri
Brant Bjork

 Blood Cargo



Saint. D

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