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Sonata Artica
Labyrinth, Triosphere, Awake By Design
Wolverhampton, Wulfrun Hall
18th March 2011

Sonata Artica          Labyrinth       Triosphere       Awake By Design

Public transport can be a nightmare at times, stuck on a train for an hour sucks, I suspect a leaf on the track is to blame!! It was good to be at a gig with a fellow team member and friend James Webb. Good times.

Awake By Design are a 7 piece schlock/classic/power rock/metal band, they got the whole classic rock thing going on but not the songs, there's nothing really that changed from the last time round, and now they've diluted there sound some more by adding a keyboard player to the mix, the songs are still too long and they still lack imagination, they play well, but the songs don't seem to go anywhere.

Triosphere, Much better than the opening act, less depressing for sure, this is their only 2nd ever uk show, some great riffs from both the guitarist, really rocking out as a tight nit unit, the lead guitarist solos while competent there not really memorable there just missing that bit extra, the drumming ain't too bad, nothing too complex going on same with the bass. The vocals from the bass player ain't too Girly they have some power behind them but importantly you can understand them. The 5th song in has a nice meaty riff to it, one you can headbang too which is always a pleasure to hear but it does get a bit over indulgent as it goes on, the last song they play, plays like a toned down version of their previous song, with less of a meaty riff, the lead guitarist even does abit of show boating by down tuning mid solo, the song does get better toward the end and the lead guitarist makes his way to the barrier and finishes the set in front of the front row, not bad.

Labyrinth, A pretty decent power metal band, the vocalist is pretty entertaining even if he did have lyric sheets on the stage floor, he likes to play a bit of air guitar, not too fond of his voice in places when he tries to hit the high notes, doest quite hit it, the riffs are a plenty and mostly good at that, the bass player has seen a few years but seems sprightly enough throwing in flying kick at the start of the 4th song. The drumming pretty good, heavy too, I haven't seen a keytar in a while, you can just hear it, but not much unless everything else drops off. There not a bad band and hit all the right spots but as entertaining as they are, I'm not all that thrilled by watching them. Perhaps it's because it seems a tad on the dated side

Sonata Arctica are another power metal band, They opened really well with Flag in the ground Then they lost momentum with their second of the night Last Amazing Grays Other than the first song, there's nothing here really grabbing me, they got some decent songs including songs such as Juliet, Replica, but me and like a lot of the crowd other than certain parts seems pretty quite but there is a fair bit of singing from the crowd though, but it must be out of my view because I can’t see them, but can hear them.

There set picks up with blank file, as if the world ending is up next, nice melodic intro takes it down a notch with a bit if a ballad. Paid In Full comes in after a lengthy story about his first car. That's one of the annoying things about this set tonight, the singer just aimlessly waffles on about his car and other rubbish, I'm sure he was attempting some stand up routine, but it’s not what people have paid for, they want to see the band perform songs such as Victoria's Secret, The Misery full moon and the rather spiffing In black and White, which was rather good. After a much needed short break, They opened there encore with the rather lengthy Caleb, which seemed to go on and on and one, not good, Don't say a word brought the crowd to life, most action I saw all night from the crowd, they should have played this first. They closed their set with Vodka. One thing that they need to improve on is the pacing of the set, they need to really burn up them opening songs with some of their more upbeat and fast songs, not killing the set after 1 song, and less taking, other than that, not at all bad.

Awake By Design 3/5
Triosphere 3/5
Labyrinth 3/5
Sonata Artica 3/5

Review By Robert Lawrence

 Sonata Artica

Tony Kakko
Elias Viljanen
Tommy Portimo
Marko Paasikoski
Henrik Klingenberg


Anders Rain
Rob Tyrant
Pier Gonella
Mat Stancioiu
Andrew McPauls


Ida Haukland
Maruis Silver Bergesen
Ørjan Aare Jørgensen
Tor Ole Byberg

 Awake By Design

Adrian Powell
Callum Downing
Luke Smith
David Favill
Nik Sinnett
Danny Dukes

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