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Nottingham, Rock City
19th March 2011

Turisas                         Crimfall

Crimfall are a fitting band for the night, same genre as Turisas and a good show for them to get some exposure at. A band playing to a crowd of this side needs to really bring everything they have in order to make something for them to leave a lasting impression until they can return. Unfortunately they do not hit the mark with me. The band has 2 singers, a male screaming vocalist and a female clean vocalist. The female vocalist hit every note perfectly, unfaultable musical talent she posses but doesn’t really know how to handle herself onstage at a metal show. Now the male vocalist had one tone vocals not much of a range and lost the momentum on stage with some quite cringe worthy movements on stage. Don’t get me wrong they had this really creepy vibe going on for a while with very low lighting and eerie backing vocals also strobes kicking in when the songs would pick up. In all fairness not bad and a good warm up, but not even a touch on what followed.

Turisas were just something else. With the exceptions of Rob Zombie and Black Label Society, it was definitely best and craziest gig of the year so far. What also made it so great was the participation of the crowd on the whole. Plastic swords, axes and Viking helmets everywhere! What a great sight it is along with many people covered in full body paint and some fitting attire. That was all before even entering the venue! The tension in the room whilst waiting for the band to hit the stage was really intense; you could feel people getting really impatient yet really excited at the same time and the chants of “Tur- i – sas” and “Battle, Metal” start echoing out over the pretty full Rock City venue. When the band finally takes that first step onto the stage the reaction they get is something spectacular, thousands of people just screaming and going crazy! Opening tonight’s set with “As Torches Rise” followed by “One More” it is instantly clear that this isn’t a gig in which anyone may remain still, proved as I get thrown around the room several times per song with people smashing into me and hitting me with various objects. It’s just the sheer passion Turisas inspire in their fans; onstage they reciprocate this passion almost as if feeding on the crowd’s energy. Fresh off recording their new album they are keen to show it off in the form of songs “Hunting Pirates”, “The Great Escape”, “The March of the Varangian Guard” and the title track “Stand Up and Fight” which are all received easily as well as some of the classics proving their new material a definite success. The band bounce around that stage just oozing with talent and musical precision that is totally undeniable. Lead singer Matias has the crowd doing anything that he ever asks of them, he knows exactly what to say to provoke a reaction from his audience; “It is great to finally be in the UK, the home of Lagers and Ales after drinking what those Americans decided to label beer” one of many fine inspirational quotes. After a nice violin solo in the middle of their set and a couple more nice tracks like “Messenger” and the fist pumping neck snapping “To Holmgard and Beyond” they leave the stage. Then they return and make us really work hard; splitting the room into 2 half’s and making us compete with each other to be the loudest singers before rewarding us with “Rasputin” to which the venue becomes a warzone, just one gigantic mosh pit that gets wildly out of control. This continues through to the final song of the night “Battle Metal” which is like the final punch in the face that knocks you unconscious, in a good way. Very explosive and painful end to a terrific night of metal!

Crimfall 3/5
Turisas 5/5

Review By James Webb


Mathias Nygård
Jussi Wickström
Tude Lehtonen
Hannes Horma
Olli Vänskä
Netta Skog


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