Gig Review

Ill Nino
Breed 77
Nottingham, Rescue Rooms
17th March 2011

Ill Nino                   Breed 77

Breed 77 are a band I haven’t listened to since 2006 and had quite a dislike towards their music. They also supported Ill Nino at the Wulfrun Hall that year and for me they didn’t redeem themselves as a live act either. Now after seeing them tonight it is abundantly clear that they’ve come along as a band extremely well and come back with a fierce live show. The raw energy this band puts out on stage as well as the honour and care they put into their performance is nothing short of outstanding compared with the standards amongst a lot of live acts these days. Musically also they have progressed astonishingly well! Last time I saw them it was never this intense and aggressive; they’ve found the perfect balance between all of their influences and different elements for their sound to take! I hope they come back very soon with some fresh new material!

Ill Nino I have seen 3 times since 2006, making this my 4th evening spent with the band. Due to the fact I have seen them an excessive amount of times I’ve built up expectations and standards for their performance. The start of their set isn’t a great indication that this is going to be one of the more memorable gigs; Technical difficulties, awkward silences and mellow atmosphere. This went on throughout the first quarter of the show with the tracks “My Resurrection”, “If You Still Hate Me” and “This is War” (which had a pretty painful wall of death) which are all performed perfectly but were subject to those problems. After this initial part of the show the awkward silences start coming down to a minimum and the set begins to pick up, becoming a bit more energetic and fun. The band showcases 2 songs from their brand new album “Dead New World”; my favourite song “God is for the Dead” and the stupidly catchy “Bleed Like You” both of which fit in perfectly slotted amongst the classics. They catch me off guard tonight with “Lifeless... Life...”, a lighter track that I was not expecting for them to play tonight but is a nice break from the constant movement, it’s definitely the track with the most emotion tonight. As the set progress Cristian begins to become irritated that he cannot hear himself in the monitors and requests they get turned up; when he’s still not happy he shouts “MORE” repeatedly at the sound technician, unfortunately it’s not happening for him tonight and he has to trooper on without being able to hear himself. The old school Ill Nino fans are rewarded tonight with delightfully brutal classics such as “Te Amo... I Hate You”, “What Comes Around”, “God Save Us” and “I Am Loco”; these 4 songs were definitely 4 of the best from the night and are still going around in my head right now. “Corazon of Mine” and “Alibi of the Tyrant” ignite some explosive chaos in the crowd, sweat and bodies flying everywhere, everyone’s having a great night! Ending their set with old school favourite “How Can I Live”, is such a massive moment within this show; massive sing along with the crowd, really great lively atmosphere and just a perfect closing to a great night!

Breed 77 4/5
Ill Nino 4/5

Review By James Webb

 Ill Nino

Cristian Machado
Diego Verduzco
Ahrue Luster
Lazaro Pina
Dave Chavarri
Daniel Couto

 Breed 77

Paul Isola
Danny Felice
Stuart Cavilla
Pedro Caparros López
Andre Joyzi

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