Gig Review

Chase And Status
Yasmin, Redlight
Bristol, Academy
15th March 2011

Chase And Status         Yasmin             Redlight

Redlight really knew how to get the crowd moving, to be fair, this was a bog standard club set, but everyone was on such a high waiting for Chase and Status to appear on stage they were getting in the mood for dancing. They worked really well as a support act, they got the entire crowd moving, dropped some heavy bass lines and mixed in some funky beats.

Yasmin completely toned down the pace, after all the energy that had been exerted for Redlight it was a complete opposite listening to her sing. Admittedly, she had a good voice, she could definitely sing, but I felt this just didn’t sit right with the tone of evening. Everyone had stopped moving, and even when sitting there and watching her there was no real soul to her music.

I don’t think anyone in the o2 was expecting what was coming next… Chase and Status blasted on to the stage, mayhem erupted through the sold out Academy. Everyone bounced, jeered, jumped and screamed for these guys, it really was something special. Although one thing was present that I wasn’t quite expecting… A mosh pit. A full on, wave-your-fists-in-the-air-push-over-the-guy-in-front-of-you mosh pit. Strangely, it worked. Every member of the audience seemed to absolutely love every second, not once did the tone drop or the beats get slower. The balcony was literally bouncing with the sheer volume of people dancing on it, the vibrations pulsed through your body and the sweat ran down your face. During ‘Is it really worth it’ they began chanting RATM’s famous line ‘’Fuck you I won’t do what you tell me!’’ Surprisingly, everyone knew it, and everyone joined in.

Delilah came on stage to sing their remixed version of ‘Time’ by Mekka. What a tune. What an amazing voice, she complimented this style of music so well. It really enhanced their performance too; it broke up the show and gave us something new to listen to. They proceeded to leave the stage leaving the crowd chanting for an encore. They returned fairly quickly to the stage and asked everyone ‘’Who said one more?’’ The continued to wind up the crowd, ‘’Who said one more?’’ ‘’Fuck that, we’re gonna play two!’’ They brought on Liam Bailey to sing Sweet Sensation, the bass was so filthy, it was just beautiful. The entire Academy sang along before their finale of ‘Fool Yourself’ let rip on the stage. The build-up was so intense it amplified the atmosphere tenfold. Hands were in the air, voices were singing and bodies were jumping.

On the way out of the Academy all I could hear from audience members were cries of ‘’Oh my God, I haven’t danced like that for ages!’’ It truly did make you want to move, pure success of an evening.

Redlight 2.5/5
Yasmin 2.5/5
Chase And Status 5/5

Review By Karlie M

 Chase And Status

Saul Milton
Will Kennard

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