Gig Review

Die So Fluid
Killing For Company, Dreams Divide
Southampton, Talking Heads
5th March 2011

Die So Fluid                    Killing For Company      Dreams Divide

Photo Of Dreams Divide © Copyright Jen ManleyOn the penultimate gig of the UK leg of their tour, Die So Fluid graced the stage of Talking Heads in Southampton for the first time.

The first local support band Dreams Divide with their self proclaimed synthpop/gothic style open to a reasonably sized audience for this stage of the night and receive a positive response in return. Smartly dressed frontman David Crout created an energetic and friendly atmosphere through his stage presence and banter with the crowd, backed up by strong vocals from synth player Gem Davison. Their pendulum-esque beats and heavy bass lines caught the attention of the crowd early on causing the mention of their current free download ‘Leaving’ to be well received. To end on a high note, DD played the title track from their album ‘Puppet Love’ sending an epic vibe through the venue – arguably their best track of the night.

Continuing with the feel good vibe of the night in a slightly different style came in the form of Welsh rock band Killing For Company. They kicked off the set with ‘Wake Up And Let Go’, pulling the crowd in closer to the stage with little room for movement – a sure sign of a good gig! Their energy was high and consistent from start to finish, notably from guitarist Andy Williams who was all over the stage and frequently interacting with singer Greg James.

Photo Of Killing For Company © Copyright Jen ManleyWith the crowd’s full attention Greg introduced catchy track ‘Gone Too Far’ by calling for a chant in the chorus. With the words only being the title, the majority of people joined in and created a powerful sense of intimacy between the band and audience. KFC announced the merch they had on sale including their EP ‘The Lost Art of Deception’ and graciously left the stage to an abundance of cheers.

The long awaited arrival of Die So Fluid finally came and Grog was last to enter the stage to her fellow band mates playing her in. Dressed in her trademark studded cat suit she got straight into character, head banging and intensely staring at audience members with her bold wide eyes. Guitarist Drew Richards played it cool in a suit and tie which is a great accomplishment in sweaty gig environment! The floor was instantly filled for their first song ‘Vorvolaka’ setting the scene for the performance. Grog engaged in crowd and band banter in between songs as she said she liked to “feed off the vibe” of audience members.

Photo Of Die So Fluid © Copyright Jen ManleyThey played a range of material dating back to their 2004 album ‘The Spawn of Dysfunction’ to their most recent release ‘Not Everybody Gets a Happy Ending’ (2008) and DSF were even kind enough to give a taster of their forthcoming new album in the form of ‘Raven’ and ‘Mercury’. The set did not disappoint with a clear chemistry within the band as well as Grog’s relaxed approach to chatting with audience members.

For the pre-assumed encore DSF belted out the free to download track ‘What a Heart is for’ leaving the crowd shouting out for more. With the dedication of the final song to a loyal fan at the front, Grog and co. called for lighters (which most people opt for phones instead) to be held high as ‘Not Everybody Gets A Happy Ending’ sent shivers down the collective spine of Talking Heads.

Dreams Divide 3/5
Killing For Company 5/5
Die So Fluid 5/5

Review By Jen Manley

 Die So Fluid

Georgina 'Grog' Lisee
Drew Richards
Al Fletcher

 Killing For Company

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 Dreams Divide

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