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We The Kings
Birmingham, Academy
12th February 2011

We The Kings               VersaEmerge      

As a band already tipped for great things, VersaEmerge certainly lived up to their hype with a fantastic performance full of energy and passion. Holding an prominent presence throughout their performance, Sierra Kusterbeck showed off not only her impressive vocal capabilities, but the character to lead VersaEmerge from strength to strength in the coming year. Getting involved with the crowd constantly and always showing their appreciation for their fans or "vultures" as Sierra prefers, the band gave the crowd everything they wanted with tracks like "Stranger", "Your Own Love" and "Fixed at Zero" from their new album by the same name, as well as older fan favourites such as "Past Praying For". Even though their CD's usually include two guitars, the band still manages to deliver a dramatic sound in their live performances, with guitarist Blake Harnage and bassist Devin Ingelido carrying the bands sound forward while being nicely supported by a subtle backing track of strings and synthesisers in the appropriate tracks. VersaEmerge are definitely a worth checking out if you haven't done so already. If you don't, you'll probably be hearing a lot more from them in the coming months anyway.

Having never seen We The Kings before, I can safely say that the crowd as well as myself, were completely blown away by a fantastic performance from a band that are truly destined for big big things. A tireless performance filled with stories of ex girlfriends with an over protective cuban drug lord dad, dancing lessons and enough jokes to leave everyone with a big grin on their face by the end of their set, We The Kings offered everything a great set should have and more.

Opening with "Skyway Avenue" from their self titled album, the band went on to deliver a host of popular tracks from both of their albums such as "She Takes Me High", "What You do to Me" and "Secret Valentine" as well as a cover of Jimmy Eat World's "The Middle", which followed a brief acoustic encounter which saw front man Travis Clark serenade the crowd with a more upbeat reggae version of their ballad track with Demi Lovato "We'll Be a Dream" and "Rain Falls Down".

All the stories and jokes between songs added a very nice personal touch to the performance and they really made the crowd feel apart of the whole evening, getting them to shout and sing along at every available opportunity, to which a packed out o2 Academy 2 needed little encouragement.

If a dazzling performance wasn't enough for everyone already, the band brought out a surprise in the form of You Me At Six members Josh Franceschi and Max Helyer to help them end in style with one of the songs that catapulted the band into their current success, "Check Yes Juliet".

If you've somehow managed to miss We The Kings several tours of the UK, you certainly need to see them they next time they venture over. No questions asked.

VersaEmerge– 4/5
We The Kings– 5/5

Review By Justin Andree

 We The Kings

Travis Clark
Hunter Thomsen
Drew Thomsen
Danny Duncan


Sierra Kusterbeck
Blake Harnage
Devin Ingelido

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