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Flash Guns, Kid Adrift
Bath, Moles
2nd March 2011

Dananananaykroyd       Flash Guns        Kid Adrift

Moles is always a good venue for live music; I think the fact it’s underground gives it an edge that not many other venues can offer. It’s small with low ceilings, giving it an extra quirkiness. Kid Adrift started the evening off. They definitely had something about them, their female singer/keyboardist Rebecca Woolls had the most elegant voice, and it was absolutely stunning to listen to. Unfortunately it seems she was let down by the rest of the band. It seemed they couldn’t quite decide what genre of music they wanted to play; at times it was melodic and fairly indie, it then became electro and then there was a death metal scream thrown in. I didn’t know where I stood while watching Kid Adrift, (girl singer) definitely needs to sing more whatever these guys decide to do, they were far too haphazard for my liking.

Scottish 3 piece Flashguns entered the stage and I was taken aback by the sheer passion in lead singer Sam Johnstone’s voice, you could see the emotion in his eyes as he sang. These guys looked as though they could have just left school, fresh faced and eager to please. However, they knew their instruments. Bass player Olly Scanlon had quite a few different effect pedals and it integrated well into the set. Johnstone was almost cocky with his crowd interaction, but not to the point of arrogance. He talked to the crowd and really enhanced the atmosphere ready for Dananananaykroyd tear the place up.

I was dubious when 2 vocalists walked on stage and neither of them had an instrument to play, it seemed like a waste of stage space to have 6 members in your band. Never before have I been so wrong. Dananananaykroyd were just brilliant, there was a party happening on stage right in front of us and every person in the room was joining in. Lead Singers Calum Gunn and John Baillie Jnr were so full of energy, they blasted out their lyrics and bounced off each other. It seemed they both prompted the other to upping the ante of the show. They clambered into the audience, starting a mini pit and getting completely involved. At one point guitarist David Roy clambered in too, mid-song, still playing as people were bashing into him and getting into this madness that was Dananananaykroyd. It was almost impossible to not get involved in this eccentricity, everyone was dancing, creating pits as much as the surroundings could allow, and having an awesome time. These guys dub themselves as ‘Fight Pop’, and I couldn’t think of a more accurate description. It had enough aggression to not be classed as generic crap and it was light hearted enough that these guys could really hit the big time with their sound. Absolutely fantastic performance, I’ll definitely be going to see these guys again and ordering their alum when it’s released.

Kid Adrift – 2/5
Flash Guns – 3/5
Dananananaykroyd – 4/5

Review By Karlie M


Duncan Robertson
David Roy
Calum Gunn
John Baillie Junior
Paul Carlin
Ryan McGinness

 Flash Guns

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 Kid Adrift

Kid Adrift

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