Gig Review

Rock Sound Tour
The Xcerts, Dinosaur Pile Up, Japanese Voyeurs
Bristol, Academy 2
25th February 2011

The Xcerts             Dinosaur Pile Up       Japanese Voyeurs

Japanese Voyeurs arrived on this tiny little stage and blasted out some nice heavy bass lines and gnarly drum beats, unfortunately this completely drowned out the voice of lead singerRomily Alice. It was clear she had a good voice, but her vocals were just far too quiet. She reminded me of KatieJane Garside from Queen Adreena, high pitched yet feisty; adding intensity to the music. Overall they seemed like a good band but there was just something missing from the performance, it may have been a lack of stage presence or not using the synth to their full potential, but something just didn’t quite put the cherry on the cake.

Dinosaur Pile Up were next on stage, they were full of energy and very reminiscent of early Green Day material. They got the crowd moving, and generally put on a good show. The punky tones gave the audience something to get involved with. They worked well as a support band, the crowd loosened up and got into the swing of things.These are definitely one to watch for some light hearted feel-good noise.

It was clear The Xcerts had a strong following, this was really what everyone was waiting for, they came on stage and everyone seemed to liven up, bass player Jordan Smith’svocals really enhanced that of lead singer Murray McLeod. You could see the passion in McLeod’s eyes, striving to sing his heart out for all it was worth. The sheer emotion that he sings with is compelling, it’s a joy to stand and simply absorb what is being created on stage. They played a fantastic set, really making an effort to interact with the crowd and came across as really down to earth guys. Not a note was out of place and their sound was on the mark. Of course, tracks such as ‘Slackerpop’, ‘Aberdeen 1987’ and ‘Young (Belane)’ were among the mix, giving us all something to sing along to. Brilliant band, they’ll be huge before you know it.

Japanese Voyeurs – 2/5
Dinosaur Pile Up – 3/5
The XCerts – 4/5

Review By Karlie M

 The Xcerts

Murray Macleod
Jordan Smith
Tom Heron

 Dinosaur Pile Up

Vincent Walker
Brian Klemm
Derek Lee Rock
Brian Robertson
Chris Lucca
Aaron Bertram
Brad Polidori

 Japanese Voyeurs

Coming Soon

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