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Gay For Johnny Depp
The Computers, The Fuck Buddies
Bristol, Croft
15th February 2011

Gay For Johnny Depp       The Computers         The Fuck Buddies

Bristol Croft seemed quite a quirky place, on entering there was a spacious bar with classic music posters covering every inch of the walls. This seemed a fitting environment to hold a show. I walked through to the stage, a blacked out room round the back. It was small but cosy, and had a hearty ‘gig smell’ already present.

The Fuck Buddies had started their set; their equipment was on the floor in this room as the stage was that small it couldn’t take 2 drum kits. Still, people crowded round and listened to them, some bopping along. They had an upbeat sound, but unfortunately it seemed nothing more than a poorly pieced together pop-punk band. The lead singer attempted some banter with a girl in the crowd but no one really seemed too impressed.

The Computers dived straight into their show, full on, screamy and catchy. This was something worth watching. Every band member was dressed in a white shirt and white skinny jeans while they bounced along on stage. Every member of the crowd was moving in some way, it was impossible not to. High-energy melodies blasted into your ears, luring you in to get involved. When they played ‘’Hell Yeah’’ the drum beat was just mental, so quick and so fitting with the other band members. They reminded me of a heavier, more intense version of The Hives or The Vines. Lead singer Alex got into the crowd and sang lyrics to the songs at individuals. These guys were ace, the tone didn’t drop once during their set and they left everyone on such a high.

Gay For Johnny Depp began on a completely smoke filled stage, so much so that we could barely see the band members. On first impressions it seemed this band didn’t fit together, Lead Singer Marty Leopard looked completely wasted, in a white band t-shirt and ripped jeans. Guitarist and vocalist Sid Jagger donned a smart dinner suit, and drummer A’Rab Diesel was topless with an arm covered in tattoos. Despite this, the music exploded into the room, leaving you to take in the heavy guitar riffs and gruff vocals. I really can’t tell whether these guys are geniuses, or they’re a sandwich short of a picnic. Marty Leopard walked through the crowd, barely able to stand up or keep his eyes open, barging past people and screaming lyrics at people. At one point he even bent a young man over the speaker stack on the stage and simulated anal sex with him! I did feel the other band members weren’t getting the attention they deserved due to Marty consistently demanding the audience’s focus. However, the show went on and the audience were captivated by this band. I can’t say there was a particular highlight of this show, it was all round ear-bashing madness. If you like a bit of craziness, go see this band.

The Fuck Buddies – 2/5
The Computers – 4/5
Gay For Johnny Depp – 3/5

Review By Karlie M

 Gay For Johnny Depp

Sid Jagger
Marty Leopard
Nico Pesticide
Chelsea Piers
JJ Samanen

 The Computers


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