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Black Label Society
Birmingham, Academy
14th February 2011

Black Label Society                Godsized              

Godsized are a very interesting band, they are perfect for this tour because their musical style is fairly similar to that of Black Label Society but with something different. The vocals remind me of Myles Kennedy’s vocals at times but with a bit more of a gritty southern edge to go with the Southern rock vibe reflected in their music, it’s very melodic and I don’t think I’ve seen this many people get into a support band after 1 song at any gig I’ve attended over the past 7 years. If I’d have had money with me I would have purchased the CD that they have for sale because it’s just a phenomenal sound these guys have. They dedicate a song to the late great Garry More which is widely approved by the entire crowd. May I also add this band has terrific facial hair, especially the singer with that amazing beard. Godsized have been the perfect support act tonight warming up the crowd very nicely and ready us for the might Black Label Society.

Black Label Society hit the stage and the sheet drops. Doing so exposes Mr Zakk Wylde and his crew of heavy metal bandits. It becomes quite clear that this is no rock show, this is a bar brawl with loud music; large bald topless men smashing one another to pieces with people like me caught in the cross fire. Never the less we brave the pain and the sweat to witness a legend at work. As soon as the intro tape starts playing the surge squashed the lot of us at the front and it’s very painful. As more of the heavy songs kick in like “Crazy Horse”, “Godspeed Hell bound” and “Parade of the Dead” the riots begin, its a very dangerous place to be on a valentine’s day night; whilst others are having rough sex at home I’m getting punched in the face repeatedly. The beautiful ballad “In This River” is a very large highlight, never before have I seen such a reaction from metal fans to a ballad but this is overwhelming, loads of lighters, every hand in the air, much love in the room. At some point after “In This River” a load of beach balls come flying from the stage smacking everyone in the face; this left me very disorientated as they were coming from all directions as the crowd smacked them around at one another what a tremendous sight. “Overlord” and “Fire it up” are included in tonights set much to my delight as they are some personal favourites, these songs are chaotic and much sweaty topless men throw each other around the room. The last 4 songs anyone could have predicted, starting off with “The Blessed Hellride” followed by the one and only “Suicide Messiah”, these are the only songs that Zakk makes us sing with him not that he needed to tell us what to do; “Concrete Jungle” which kicks us in the arse followed by a tame reaction to “Stillborn” as more people preferred to sing along than injure themselves to it. I must say possibly the best Valentine’s Day I’ve ever had, minus the sex unless you count some big guys foot up my arse as sex.

Godsized – 5/5
Black Label Society – 5/5

Review By James Webb

 Black Label Society

Zakk Wylde
John DeServio
Nick Catanese
Johnny Kelly



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