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Asking Alexandria
Derry, Nerve Centre
14th January 2011

Asking Alexandria                                

I’d heard of Asking Alexandria, the band had been mentioned to me a few times in the month or so leading up to this gig. While not a huge hardcore/screamo fan I will give it a listen. The problem is that the genre has been watered down considerably in recent times and we’ve been inundated with sub-par clone bands who have started to sound very similar to one another to a point that it’s hard to tell them apart. I suppose that’s what happens when a particular type of music gets popular. That said, the bands that stand out, really stand out. For me, Asking Alexandria are one of those bands.

I arrived at the gig about 20 minutes before door time and there was already a queue of over 100 kids, which is quite considerable for an early turnout in this area. I brought my daughter along so she wasn’t out of place with everyone being around the same age as her. About 10 minutes later there was another 80 kids behind us. I’m not sure how they heard of the band but I supposed the kids are pretty tuned into whatever scene they are into, and Asking Alexandria had been getting some airplay on Kerrang TV so if they have a music video they’re famous, right?

Anyway, door time came and went as it usually does. The general consensus is door times are only a guide anyway. I don’t think I’ve ever been admitted to a gig on time. I’d been standing there in a queue of, by now, over 200 kids in their mid teens and was actually starting to feel decidedly uncomfortable. Imagine a guy in his thirties standing in a group of mostly teenage girls with a camera – not the best scenario ever.

The queue finally started moving 40 minutes after the official doortime, a full hour after I started queuing. It was inevitable that by the time I finally got into the venue and sorted out the standard mixup with my pass, I’d missed most of the first band’s set which I did. I caught their last song and they mentioned that they’re called Death of a Salesman. I didn’t hear enough to make any sort of a judgement. I don’t understand why venues admit fans late but still put the first band on at the advertised time – most of the paying punters are still queuing! Sort it out guys!

Since the first band went onstage on time, I expected the same of Asking Alexandria. It wasn’t to be though. The band didn’t hit the stage until 10.20pm, a full 20 minutes after the very latest they should have gone on. There was A LOT of messing about on the line checks, to me most of it was just nit picking and I saw the venue staff were even starting to get agitated and a few heated words were exchanged. The curfew time of the night was 11pm so we were only going to get a maximum of 40 mins from the headliners. That, under normal circumstances wasn’t too bad but coupled with the fact that most people missed the support too, the fans got a bit of a raw deal.

All was forgotten and forgiven when Asking Alexandria finally hit the stage. Hit the stage doesn’t quite do it justice, the band EXPLODED onto the stage in a frenzy of energy and testosterone and the crowd went absolutely crazy! The pure energy on stage was electrifying with the band bouncing and headbanging themselves into a sweaty mess. They strutted their stuff with an air of confidence which also exuded the typical rockstar cockyness, but not to the extreme of arrogance. They exuded an aura of a band who are good and by god they know it.

The crowd ate up every second of their set by moshing and headbanging their little hearts out with lead vocalist Danny Worsnop periodically whipping them into even more of a frenzy between songs. I wasn’t stupid enough to venture into the middle of the crowd, I don’t have a death wish! They were only kids but they were scarey kids!!

I enjoyed how the band was able to command the stage and the pure energy they showed which had them sweating buckets from the start. They gave their all for the crowd, and the crowd in turn appreciated them for it. Like I said earlier, the band have a video or 2 out but to be honest that doesn’t mean shit. I don’t care about who you’re signed to or how good a production your video is with your studio vocals overlayed on it. If you can play live and make the crowd react like Asking Alexandria did that night, you have talent.


Review By Craig Young

 Asking Alexandria

Ben Bruce
James Cassells
Danny Worsnop
Cameron Liddell
Sam Bettley

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