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Attack Attack!
Bury Tomorrow, Hopes Die Last, Plagues
Manchester, Club Academy
27th January 2011

Attack Attack!      Bury Tomorrow     Hopes Die Last        Plagues

There’s a palpable sense of anticipation surrounding Manchester’s Club Academy this evening, all in aid of US metalcore outfit, Attack Attack! Having been forced to postpone their October dates, one would expect AA! to come out guns blazing, alas the excitable throng has to wait a tiny bit longer, three support slots longer to be precise.

Manchester’s very own Plagues are first up and deliver a crushing set, a truly exciting prospect for not only the local hardcore scene, but for the UK’s as a whole. Next up is Italian quintet Hopes Die Last, their Underoath inspired offerings go down well, with the single ‘Some Like It Cold’ inspiring the first mosh-pit of the night. Bury Tomorrow have been prominent on the UK hardcore scene for some time now, and tonight Manchester shows them the welcome that they deserve. The five-piece storm through their set in a ‘take-no-prisoners’ fashion, whipping the crowd into a frenzy, once again showing anything that the Yanks can do, we can do better.

Having witnessed some of the scenes finest offerings does not seem enough for tonight’s crowd; there is only one band they have come to see. This band is Ohio based quartet Attack Attack! Immediately there is a surge in energy and the masses expel three months worth of pent up energy, resulting in a claustrophobic swell at the front of the stage. Now the show can begin.

Not content with the swarms of sweaty youths flying towards him head first, frontman Caleb Shomo urges the crowd to up the tempo once more. Though it seems unlikely that the crowd can match the immeasurable energy of Attack Attack!, they certainly give it a go, culminating in even the most innocent of tattooed bystanders throwing their trademark shapes.

Bringing the set to a close with their most popular single ‘Stick Stickly’ may have been a predictable end, but it certainly goes down a treat with the kids down at the front. Despite being three months overdue, Attack Attack! appear to have quelled the eagerness of their Manchester collective for now, and with that Shomo and co. exit the stage for the next city and the next set of adoring, if not slightly crazy, fans.

Plagues 3/5
Hopes Die Last 4/5
Bury Tomorrow 4/5
Attack Attack! 4/5

Review By Ben Connell

 Attack Attack!

Andrew Wetzel
Andrew Whiting
John Holgado
Caleb Shomo

 Bury Tomorrow


 Hopes Die Last

Daniele Tofanni
Markoh "Becko" Calanca
Marco Mantovani
Luigi Magliocca
Ivan Panella

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