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Black Veil Brides, The Defiled
Bristol Academy
4th February 2011

Murderdolls                Black Veil Brides         The Defiled

Photo Of The Defiled © Copyright TriggerWhen the Murderdolls first burst on the scene back in 2002 there was major hype surrounding the band so when they went on hiatus back in 2004 there was a lot of talk about would the Murderdolls ever regroup, this went on for many years until they regrouped back in 2010 for the release of their second album ‘Women And Children Last’, and to coincide with the release the band played a one off show at the Garage in London and also took part in the legendary Ozzfest a day later, not long after these shows the Murderdolls announced their first full length UK tour in over 6 years and soon added Black Veil Brides and The Defiled to the line up for what could possibly be one of the biggest horror rock tours of the year.

Photo Of The Defiled © Copyright TriggerWhen I got in the Academy tonight the first thing that I noticed was that there was a very diverse gathering, from people imitating the face paint of The Black Veil Brides to people with their full blown goth attire on, to your average looking metal heads of all ages, it was a great mix and you could instantly tell that everyone was here to have a massive party.

The Defiled took to the stage at the early time of 6.30pm and played a set which consisted of 6 songs, throughout the whole 25minute set the band maintained high energy running and jumping around the stage at every opportunity, the keyboard player from The Defiled had amazing stage presence and physically could not stay still so spent the majority of the set moving his keyboard about, playing up to the various photographers striking many scary faces in front of their cameras, the set that the Defiled played may well of come across short but they defiantly psyched tonight’s crowd up and helped create pure energy in the pit.

Photo Of The Black Veil Brides © Copyright TriggerThere was a 15 minute break after The Defiled finished, so a big curtain got hold up at the front of the stage whilst The Black Veil Brides set up for their set, the time soon went by and before you knew it the curtain was down and The Black Veil Brides and taken to the stage.

Now I have been a fan of The Black Veil Brides album ‘We Stitch These Wounds’ for a little while now but I never in a million years expected them to blow me away live like they did tonight, within seconds of taking to the stage frontman Andy Six had already launched himself into the crowd which was met by a flurry of screams and shouts of “We love you Andy” from their female fanbase, when on stage Andy came across like a man possessed, he could not keep still and had the perfect stage presence for a front man with the way he put 110% into his performance, if he was not screaming out his vocals, he was talking to the crowd, if he was not talking to the crowd then he was in the crowd singing and within the 30minute set that The Black Veil Brides had Andy managed to join the crowd on a mammoth 6 occasions.

Photo Of The Black Veil Brides © Copyright TriggerDuring the start of the second song a member of the audience shouted to the band “your gay”, Andy picked up on this straight away and spoke to the crowd to say “we have a cock sucker in the crowd, that guy over there likes cock”, Andy handled this really well and we never heard from the idiot again and at the same time it proved that you don’t mess with Andy or any members of The Black Veil Brides.

The band played through most of their well loved songs such as ‘All Your Hate’, ‘We Stitch These Wounds’, ‘Sweet Blasphemy’ and a couple of others and it was so good to see the crowd singing along especially considering that this is the bands first ever outing to the UK and they got such an over whelming response.

If you are one of those people who judge The Black Veil Brides by their look or even think there album sounds a bit weak, you really need to head out to their next live show as they have the style, songs, energy and overall tight sound that will blow you away.

Photo Of Murderdolls © Copyright TriggerNext up were the Murderdolls, and 15minutes before they were due to take to the stage the chants of “Murderdolls, Murderdolls” were echoing across the venue at a fast pace but before you knew it the lights were down and the band took to the stage to the opening piece of music of ‘The World According To Revenge’, before then blasting into ‘Chapel Of Blood’, The Murderdolls had the crowd in the palm of their hand from the second they took to the stage right until the last beat of ‘Dead In Hollywood’.

Like expected the set was like a big greatest hits with a massive mix of songs from both albums to please the old and new Murderdolls fans, the songs that got the biggest reactions were ‘Slit My Wrist’, ‘People Hate Me’, ‘197666’, ‘Nowhere’ and one of my personal favourites ‘Summertime Suicide’ which had the whole of the Academy signing along.

Photo Of Murderdolls © Copyright TriggerThe band seemed to be having the time of their life on stage with Joey Jordison, Jack Tankersley and Roman Surman often crossing paths across the stage, Racci Shay did a great job smashing the hell out of his drum kit whilst playing up to the crowd with various poses, whilst Wednesday 13 totally rocked out whilst nailing his vocals with perfection.

If you recently saw any of those videos online that stated there was tension within the Murderdolls camp, tonight’s show was enough to prove otherwise as The Murderdolls were on top form and blasted through their 1hour and 30minutes set like their lives depended on it.

Overall tonight’s show was the perfect package tour, The Defiled got the crowd going, The Black Veil Brides showed signs of a band that is soon to be massive and The Murderdolls rocked like they had never been away from the scene.

The Defiled 4/5
Black Veil Brides 5/5
Murderdolls 5/5

Review By Trigger


Wednesday 13
Joey Jordison
Roman Surman
Jack Tankersley
Racci Shay

 Black Veil Brides

Andy Six
Ashley Purdy
Jeremy Ferguson
Jake Pitts
Christian Coma

 The Defiled

Stitch D
The A.V.D
Vincent Hyde

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