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Angels And Airwaves
Neon Trees
Birmingham, Academy
3rd February 2011

Angels And Airwaves                Neon Trees

Photo Of Neon Trees © Copyright Robert LawrenceIt’s a bit of a strange one tonight its only a Thursday, but there's only Two bands on, plenty of time to discuss
Neon trees are a 5 piece rock band with a really catchy indie rock sound with some synth in there. The guitarist has got a really great guitar sound, simple melodies, played really well, the whole band has got a good vibe going on, all the songs really bounce along, and are sung really well, his voice is a tad rough but really holds a tune. The drumming is simple and it works well with the aesthetics of the song. The bass follows the drums pretty much. And the rhythm guitarist holds his own pretty well, as I said every part works to make a great whole, the singer created a great rapport with the crowd tonight, and got the crowd really involved got em singing along. They also put on a good visual show; it's a good lively performance. Angels and airwaves have got their work cut out to top this.

Photo Of Angels And Airwaves © Copyright Robert LawrenceAngels and Airwaves will they be as good as I remember them being back in 2008 and also my first big gig behind a serious camera, so I guess this is full circle now.
They open there set after a tad of a delay between the lights going down and the start of Et Ducit, great way to start the set, slow build then really gets going, this is followed by it hurts and Young London, although I’m pretty sure he slipped a Birmingham in there to please the locals. Hallucinations closed the opening of the set. Tom then proceeds to give a little talk about good bands from the UK that he listened to when he grew, much to the delight of the crowd, how he loves the UK, talks about love and how they've written a real love song which he subsequently cocks up some of the words but its all good fun really. They carry on with songs such as Magic, Life Line, Shove Adventure; Apollo which is pretty cool still, Atomic and Secret crowds finishes the main set.

Some of the songs are superb, great woven melodies, good solid drumming and bass playing that make the songs really bounce along at times, The lead guitar is pretty damn good poppy riffs, that work really well with the rhythm guitar. I really dig the instrumental intros or interludes tying the set together in places, there well thought out and nice to listen to, and would work well in a film which I'm sure will feature on their forthcoming film.

They return with Breathe another storming song and close the set with War, which is a pretty good way to finish with a strong song. AVA now have more songs, better more mature songs, Tom and the band are still rocking, and there sounding pretty damn good!

Neon Trees - 4/5
Angels And Airwaves - 5/5

Review By Robert Lawrence

 Angels And Airwaves

Tom DeLonge
David Kennedy
Matt Wachter
Atom Willard

 Neon Trees

Tyler Glenn
Chris Allen
Branden Campbell
Elaine Bradley

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