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Devil Sold His Soul
Bristol, Academy 2
28th January 2011

Devil Sold His Soul                  

Photo Of Devil Sold His Soul © Copyright Karlie MAs these guys played you could feel the double bass drum pulsating through your body, it was fast, energetic, and addictive. When songs were toned down and songs developed the crowd waited in anticipation for the metal to start pumping through your veins. Lead singer Ed Gibbs could certainly scream. And he did, the entire way through the show. Unfortunately that was the extent of his vocal abilities. The lyrics were completely indefinable, I had no clue what they were singing about and any messages behind the songs were not portrayed. Although the music was tight, every note was in place, and not one beat was missed, it was just spoilt somewhat by the consistent screaming. Even through a quality PA these vocals were fairly in-audible.

Photo Of Devil Sold His Soul © Copyright Karlie MDevil Sold His Soul managed to fill the o2 Academy2, and it mainly male dominated. I think at 22 I was one of the oldest people in the room. Despite the vocals, Ed Gibbs knew how to work the crowd, he played up to them and got involved. He even said at one point ‘’We fucking love Bristol, it’s like our home’’ He then went on to point out one faithful fan who had been to every one of their Bristol shows and made sure everyone knew how grateful they were for his dedicated support. Although a majority of the audience were singing along throughout, it seemed that it got louder for the song ‘Disappointment’.

They thanked the crowd before leaving the stage and returning to play a few more songs before the evening ended. Overall, their music was fantastic, the pure metal riffs that pounded into you were awesome to listen to, it really was shame that I didn’t have a clue what they were trying to convey through the music.

Devil Sold His Soul - 2/5

Review By Karlie M

 Devil Sold His Soul

Ed Gibbs
Jonny Renshaw
Rick Chapple
Jozef Norocky
Paul Kitney
Leks Wood

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