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Shaped By Fate, Gods Of Thunder
Birmingham, Academy
21st January 2011

Crowbar                Shaped By Fate      Gods Of Thunder

Photo Of Shaped By Fate © Copyright Robert LawrenceGods of thunder kick off my First gig of 2011 and it gets off to an opposed start, on one hand liking the music it's heavy, dirty, medium paced, I'm really liking the lead guitar player got some really good riffs, and some pretty nifty guitar solos, and on the other hand, over the top of it all, it is ruined by growly/shouty vocals, they are also wearing ancient Greek/Roman garb that looks fantastic, and the rhythm guitarist is looking pretty smug he looks like he is having a good time for sure, while playing some meaty riffs of his own, the drumming is pretty good nothing special but competent none the less. Overall there an all right band, they got some decent songs, but the vocals oh how I can’t understand a bloody word, other than that grip not a bad way to start the gig viewing year for me.

Next up, I'm not sure what to make of Shaped By Fate, there an ok sort of metal band ok riffs ok drumming ok bass, the singing is more shouty/growly stuff bit more legible in places, there is some decent guitar playing in places that really puts some of their other stuff to shame really, they gave the performance lots of energy and attitude, which is good to see and a step up from the previous band, the singer almost spitting on me in the process, it was a close shave. Overall I'm not sure what to make of them they ain't a bad band but they wasn't all that either, It feels middle of the road doing all the basic stuff well but not really pushing it I think there sound is dry and non exciting in places then comes to life before fading away again.

Photo Of Crowbar © Copyright Robert LawrenceCrowbar sludge metal band not sure what sludge metal is but I'm guess by listing that the murky dirty heavy distorted music that crowbar plays is sludge metal. They opened with Conquering, High Rate and lasting dose. It was at this point I recognised the front man being one of the guys from Down. The middle set included bur your world, which was pretty good if I'm honest, I have failed, All I Had, through the ashes and New Dawn! In all honesty there isn't much variation in the sound so the songs to me at least kind of sound the same if I'm honest, one speed, one sound which I'm sure is the idea but a bit of variation wouldn't go amiss but then why fix it when it isn’t broken and all that jazz. Other songs they played included, Self Inflicted I am Forever Subversion and they closed the set in good style with Planets and Cemetery Angels. The set got better as it went on, but had some dips too.

Gods Of Thunder - 3/5
Shaped By Fate - 2/5
Crowbar - 4/5

Review By Robert Lawrence


Kirk Windstein
Matthew Brunson
Patrick Bruders
Tommy Buckley

 Shaped By Fate

Paul Fortescue
Luke Grahame
Richey Beckett
Lee Jenkins
Carl Richards

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