Gig Review

Fear Factory
High On Fire, Da'ath
Bristol, Academy
20th December 2010

Fear Factory         High On Fire       Da'ath
Walking into the o2 it was intriguing to see such a varied range of the people there, it was almost as if anything goes, from 17 to 60 years old, full on metal-heads, fishing hats, shaved heads, long hair, girls, boys and anything in between. It's odd for a band to pull in such a different mix of people, I knew this was going to turn into an awesome evening.

I was pleasantly surprised with Da'ath's energy, they seemed a good way to start off the night, they gave the crowd an insight to how the rest of the evening was going to develop.

As High on Fire began their set I felt the atmosphere of the evening had dulled slightly, no one was really paying much attention and lead singer Matt Pike almost sounded like he was forgetting his words in places. Considering the headliners that were about to follow, I felt this wasn't really the time or place for this band to be.

Fear Factory started as they meant to go on, epic vocals, and double bass pounding through your heart as they carried on with this brutal rock show. You could feel every vibration pulsating through your body as they played ''Smasher Devourer''. The audience consisted of a sea of devil horns, Burton C. Bell had complete control and he knew what he was doing. It was so apparent as they played how much of an established band these guys are, every song they played seemed completely effortless, as if they could play these instruments in their sleep. Pure talent. Even the room was smoke-filled with dull lighting, creating a real dark and sinister atmosphere.

Before playing ''Slave Labor'' the band went off stage and a dramatic classical melody blasted through the speakers as the crowd waited in anticipation. They returned to the stage and tore the stage up once again. This song was broken up with a melodic guitar riff in the middle, completely changing the tone for a minute or so, yet they still emulated metal. The crowd began chanting ''Fear Factory'' in unison, before they broke into ''Linchpin''. Everyone sang along, and Burton's dirty, gruff voice was on key every time.

The crowd were thanked for attending the show, despite the horrendous amounts of snow outside! Fear Factory appreciated that every fan had made an effort and that the academy was still full. The calm didn't last long, ''Powershifter'' was absolutely merciless. It seemed that the crowd were not putting in quite as much energy as required, considering the amount of ferocity on stage. Of course, there were the die-hard sweaty metal-heads that were consistently in the pit, but others seemed to be quite happy just standing and listening to this carnage.

Before they played their final song they thanked everyone once more, the support bands, etc etc. ''Replica'' brought out the beasts within. Finally there was more crowd participation, bigger pits, and headbanging to the exteme. They concluded their gig with one massive build up, with drummer Gene Hoglan creating an astounding ambience. They had time for one final thank you before leaving the stage and everyone feeling generally battered.

Da'ath - 2.5/5
High on Fire - 2/5
Fear Factory - 4/5

Review By Karlie M

 Fear Factory

Burton C. Bell
Dino Cazares
Byron Stroud
Gene Hoglan

 High On Fire

Matt Pike
Jeff Matz
Des Kensel


Sean Zatorsky
Eyal Levi
Jeremy Creamer
Emil Werstler
Kevin Talley

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