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Sonic Syndicate
Bristol, Academy 2
7th December 2010

Sonic Syndicate        Blowsight         
Photo Of Bowsight © Copyright Karlie MBlowsight proved to be a very energetic support band, even within this tiny venue every member of the crowd were participating in some form, whether it be head-banging, clapping, singing along and even small mosh pits were breaking out for some songs. This band really focused on their crowd interaction and was thankful to those that were there. They played a good show, full of heavy and lively riffs. Blowsight are a definite winner for those into “popmetalpunk”.

As Sonic Syndicate approached the stage the crowd went mental, it seemed every member of this audience was a truly dedicated fan. This high lively, powerful metal was in full session, and there were people singing along, there were circle pits, and people were moshing and head banging to every tune.

Lead singer Nathan James Biggs is so British; it was such an interesting mix to this typically Swedish metal band. He provided some awesome vocals and screams, only to be complimented delightfully well by Christoffer Andersson, joining them whilst on this tour.

Photo Of Sonic Syndicate © Copyright Karlie MNathan describes how “music can bring us all together”, a statement which I feel any lover of music could appreciate, before flowing into ‘My Own Life’. After this emotional song, Nathan thanked the crowd for their ongoing support, and really showed how much they appreciated being stood on that stage and playing a show for us.

‘Denied’ was the song of the night. I quote; “If you don’t know the words to this one then the door is over there”. Everyone went absolutely mental, not one person didn’t know these lyrics and there was a real sense of unity in the room.

As the set drew to a finish the congregation clapped and shouted for an en core, Sonic Syndicate walked back on stage to play ‘Burn This City’ and again, everyone sang along. This was nothing compared to the wall of death Nathan was about to conjure up for ‘Jack of Diamonds’, despite such a small crowd, and such a small venue, everyone parted for what would be Sonic Syndicate’s final song, and held tight until told to move. Photo Of Sonic Syndicate © Copyright Karlie MThe power that Nathan had over these people was immense; he could have said “Jump!” and everyone would have replied with “How high?”. Needless to say everyone was on such a high when the gig was over, everyone hung around to see Blowsight by the bar and to finally wait for Sonic Syndicate to show up.

Overall, I think Sonic Syndicate are made not only by their tremendous riffs, vocals, and such solid structure as a group, but by the crowd that follow them. Without the few supporters that injected this gig with some energy it would have been a fail. But it wasn’t, and Sonic Syndicate will only go on to do bigger and better things in the UK.

Blowsight – 3/5
Sonic Syndicate – 3.5/5

Review By Karlie M

 Sonic Syndicate

Nathan J. Biggs
Roger Sjunnesson
Robin Sjunnesson
Karin Axelsson
John Bengtsson


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