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The Perfect Crime
Manchester, Moho Live
25th November 2010

INME                            The Perfect Crime         
Cambridgeshire trio The Perfect Crime are tonight’s openers. Having recently released their debut album Everything Else Can Wait to a rapturous response from fans and press alike, this young band are certainly an exciting prospect for the future of British music.

Showing a maturity well beyond their years, they rattle through a set of explosive proportion. The Perfect Crime blend subtle intricacies much akin to the likes of Oceansize with crashing riffs straight from Deftones’ White Pony. The track ‘Hailstones’ sounds absolutely huge, tonight The Perfect Crime show that they have the potential to compete with the big league.

Despite proving to be a formidable opening act, there’s only one band that everyone has come to see this evening. Approaching their fifteen year anniversary, InMe show no signs of swapping their guitars for a pipe and slippers any time soon.

2003’s debut alum Overgrown Eden launched the Essex three-piece into the mainstream, singles such as ‘Crushed Like Fruit’, ‘Underdose’ and ‘Neptune’ became just as popular on Radio 1 play lists as they did on rock club dance floors. Since then, the band has released a further three records, lost and gained a member or two and now they are back with Phoenix: The Best of InMe and are currently hotfooting around the UK on a tour playing an album a night to nostalgia hungry fans.

Tonight InMe are playing White Butterfly in its entirety to a slightly claustrophobic Moho Live. From the moment the surging chords of ‘7Weeks’ are wrung, the crowd begin to party like it is 2005. It’s clear to see exactly how much this band mean to some people, many years of memories played out before them in a concentrated two hour set. Songs such as ‘So You Know’ and ‘Faster The Chase’ have matured, yet still remain as fresh as the first time you heard them.

After milking White Butterfly for all its worth, Dave McPherson and co. return to the stage to treat the adoring fans to a selection of InMe classics. Overgrown Eden’s ‘Underdose’ and ‘Her Mask (P.A)’ receive spectacular reactions and as the crowd filters out of the venue, not a single face bears anything other than a smile. Whatever InMe still have after all these years, I want some of it.

The Perfect Crime - 4/5
INME - 5/5

Review By Ben Connell


Dave McPherson
Greg McPherson
Simon Taylor
Gary Marlow

 The Perfect Crime

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