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Pulled Apart By Horses
Gay For Johnny Depp, Young Legionnaire
London, Garage
2nd December 2010

Pulled Apart By Horses      Gay For Johnny Depp           Young Legionnaire
Fashionably late has never been my bag where shows are involved; I love the build up way too much. The way most venues look more like an unassuming church hall than the punk rock playground it is undoubtedly about to be torn into. The Relentless Garage, Islington was testament to that tonight as rockers as young as 16 lined the edge of the room as if at some high school disco. However, what happens next would terrify those HSM sweethearts to the depths of their peppy little song filled hearts.

From playing ludo with PABH to mesmerizing the crowd with signature wailing falsetto, Young Legionnaire took their mission of single handedly warming up the baltic Garage to heart. And warm us up good and proper they did. Tumultous blastings of Nova Scotia and Even The Birds began a cool-whipping frenzy, turning any human bystander into something far more salmon like. Thank god because it was as arctic inside as out on the ice capped pavements of Islington. A broken drum pedal and reassuringly awkward banter bookmarked the set of turbulent post-hardcore indie-rock noise, but what else would you expect from a trio made up from former members of Bloc Party and The Automatic. A stellar show from the new superheroes of indie-rock.

New York's finest punk noiseniks, Gay For Johnny Depp, brought the next bout of noise from every square inch of their epic Manthology. The single Belief In God Is So Adorable and Juicy's Last (Point The Finger) ricocheted around the venue, basslines bouncing off every already pounding chest as each limb, lung and finger tip obeyed under commands of 'Don't Clap. Snap! You know what to do!' from blue eyed guitarist/noise warlord, Sid Jagger. In a manner both as quick and theatrical as possible, frontman Marty Leopard shed layers on stage before repeatedly hurling himself into the throbbing circle pits where in fits of adoration, he was swiftly wrestled to the floor by hoards of his loyal fans. You'd be forgiven for thinking these kinds of frolics from the sassy Petrine cross wielding Leopard were the climax of this show but for some, it was the cover of Slade's Cum On Feel The Noize accompanied by their bill topping buddies that sent a warm tingly shiver of New Years Eve past running down my spine.

Pulled Apart By Horses had a lot to live up to. But the Leeds based tie-dyed rockers brought their A-game in kicking the crap out of both their drainpipes and ours. Their combos of oft harsh guitars, punchy lyrics and 1990's fashion sense sets them apart from their Northern landfill indie counterparts who have since fallen by the wayside. Live, these Transgressive wonderboys show no signs of waning yet. Songs 'about Chris Akabusi' are 'not Christmas songs' and the free finger loving quartet sent us into our festive season with a pop and a bang and a bolt of indie-rock lightning; 'We're all about free fingers. This song is moonlit talons. This song is our new single.' And what a brawler it is. On stage collaborations from their line up predecessors and crowd surfing frontman, Thomas Hudsons, showed the Meat Ballooners for the animals they really are. Tonight was louder and more boisterous than a pack of wild dogs on heat; especially the encore of mental headbangathon I Punched A Lion Once. Altogether, this hat trick 5 star night was the perfect tonic against the winter blues even lending you a foam finger to wick away the escaping mucus from your nasal passages. So get the fuck involved next time, yeah.

PABH - 5/5
GFJD - 5/5
Young Legionnaire - 5/5

Review By Jessica Acreman

 Pulled Apart By Horses

Tom Hudson
James Brown
Lee Vincent
Robert Lee

 Gay For Johnny Depp

Sid Jagger
Marty Leopard
Nico Pesticide
Chelsea Piers
JJ Samanen

 Young Legionnaire

Paul Mullen
Gordon Moakes
Dean Pearson

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