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As I Lay Dying
Suicide Silence, Heaven Shall Burn, Sylosis
Wolverhampton, Wulfrun Hall
27th November 2010

As I Lay Dying               Suicide Silence     Heaven Shall Burn      Sylosis
Photo Of Sylosis © Copyright Robert LawrenceSylosis were the opening act and better than the last time I saw them they really set the bar tonight with a solid set full of aggression and what seemed like shorter songs which was a gripe last time or maybe my perception of time has changed, it was a good performance tonight, guitar parts are still a bit overcooked, but the songs sounded much better this time around, being in a bigger venue with better and bigger speakers, also it didn't seem as loud because I guess it didn't need to be, again the riffs are good as is the drumming and bass, much more can’t be said that I haven't said already when I reviewed them a few short weeks ago.

Photo Of Heaven Shall Burn © Copyright Robert LAwrenceHeaven shall burn proceeded to shatter the bar with a storming performance tons and tons of aggression in their songs that were heavy as hell, that you just couldn't help headband to, the volume was immense to say the least, the bass was rattling the rib cages of everyone in the Wulfrun with songs such as Counterweight, The Omen, Combat and Voice of the voiceless. They even played up to the cameras making for good shots, the vocals not a fan of but the music, riff after riff after riff, and real stormer of a set heavy as hell and then some!! Drumming was top notch very precise, overall a real stormer (again?) of a set which they finished off in real style with Lie you Bleed for and Black tears, this will take some beating to say the least!!

Photo Of Suicide Silence © Copyright Robert LawrenceSuicide silence are Not quite on par with heaven shall burn as they really ripped it up but it wasn't bad either apart from the vocals, not a fan in the whole squealy screaming thing, but the music plenty of aggression again, sounded like the sound got mashed up in places it got better as the set went on but the early songs didn't sound quite right, probably because I was close to the stage, but everything became clearer the further away I got, the guitar playing was pretty decent fast and noisy as was the drumming, seem to be having problems hearing the bass though with these bands, don't know any of the songs played, as I haven’t heard this band before, but they were ok!

Photo Of As I Lay Dying © Copyright Robert LawrenceAs I lay dying, easily matching the bar set earlier by heaven shall burn, and great stage presence to match as well, the vocals are a mix of melodic singing and growls and screams, the guitar work is mightily impressive, tons of decent heavy riffs and played at high speed with the bass rumbling underneath it all seem to be able to feel it rather than hear it. The guitar solos are mightily impressive as is the drumming which is pretty top notch also very thunderous and fast!! They opened with 94 hours and An Ocean between us, what a way to start the set, very thunderous; these were followed by Upside down, Beyond our suffering, The sound of our Truth, Within Destruction and Parallels. The set is flying by at this point as they've only got an hour to fit in there set. They proceeded to rip through Anodyne Sea, Condemned and Through the struggle. They closed their set with Nothing Left and Confined and excellent way to end and great night for metal and the fans really got there monies worth tonight, with 4 bands putting on a really good show!

Sylosis - 3/5
Heaven Shall Burn - 5/5
Suicide Silence - 4/5
As I Lay Dying - 5/5

Review By Robert Lawrence

 As I Lay Dying

Tim Lambesis
Jordan Mancino
Phil Sgrosso
Nick Hipa
Josh Gilbert

 Suicide Silence

Mitch Lucker
Mark Heylmun
Chris Garza
Alex Lopez
Dan Kenny

 Heaven Shall Burn

Matthias Voigt
Maik Weichert
Alexander Dietz
Eric Bischoff
Marcus Bischoff


Josh Middleton
Alex Bailey
Carl Parnell
Rob Callard

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