Gig Review

The Taste Of Choas Tour
Disturbed, Papa Roach, Buckcherry, Halestorm
Birmingham, NIA
7th December 2010

Disturbed                       Papa Roach               Buckcherry         Halestorm
Photo Of Halestorm © Copyright Robetr LawrenceHalestorm are one of my favourite bands at the moment, always a pleasure to hang out with them while doing an interview, They opened there set with it's not you, with lizzy coming on stage on her own, singing the opening of Its not you, really showing the power in her voice, then the band joins her on stage and the kick start the night they sound heavy as hell tonight, it’s a real great sound that’s dry but meaty and full. They continue their set with What were you expecting, Love/Hate Heartbreak, they take it down a notch with Familiar taste of Poison, a really haunting song. After familiar Taste of poison, lizzys brother starts the drum solo in which the rest of the band join in on their own tom drums, do my dirty work was the next song up and they closed their set with I Get Off. Another good performance from Halestorm, it’s a shame that a bigger crowd wasn't there to see it.

There's something about the sound tonight in hear that feels dry or slightly dulled, not as sharp as it should be, there's also way to much smoke, there's ambiance, then there's overkill, taking photos of the band with all the smoke make it a tad difficult to get sharp photos them.Buckcherry open there set with Photo Of Buckcherry © Copyright Robetr LawrenceTired of you, not a bad start to the set, nice and heavy, but there’s still something about them that I can’t quite click with, they continue with Rescue me and All night long, at this point the singer is shedding clothes, showing off his tattoos. The band don't seem to reaching out very far, anything past directly in front of the stage, is rather dead, there's also a lot of space out here. Oh my lord lit up and it’s a party fill out the middle/end of the set, there good songs but the crowd is pretty lifeless. They closed the set with crazy bitch I can only imagine it's to some relief to the band as the response to most of their set has been lacklustre.

Papa roach a band I'm really starting to love again, there new material has got my attention again, they open there set with, Kicked in the teeth, and it’s actually a really great choice of song to kick the night in to the next gear and get the crowd going again and it’s also a really catchy song, love it! Life line and one tracked mind finish out the opening of the set with life line being dead catchy they take it down a notch with Scars. The enemy, getting away with murder, bit of a sing along with the crowd on this one, the crowd seems to be a bit more alive, and there Photo Of Papa Roach © Copyright Robert Lawrenceseems to be more people In here, but for bands this size, the turnout is pretty damn shoddy!! To be loved, forever, burn and Hollywood whore fill out the rest of the middle set, between angels and insects and last resort close the set in fantastic style with between angels and insects sounding as heavy as I've ever heard it, great meaty riff! As is last resort with the crowd singing a lot of the chorus, they didn't tear it up but it was still a good as performance that I've seen from papa roach, and a band that got the crowd going again top stuff!!

Photo Of Disturbed © Copyright Robetr LawrenceDisturbed, after having the pleasure of hanging out with them while doing an interview, I was curious to see there live show, I've been told that I've seen them before, but I don't ever remember seeing them, strange to say the least!! Anyway, with the crowd nicely warmed up now by Papa Roach, The come on stage and open with Remnants, a song that I haven't heard before as I haven't listened to Asylum yet, it’s in my to download list, gotta love Itunes!! to be honest I'm not that impressed with it, but Asylum is a much better song that should have opened the set and maybe have Remnants relegated to mid set, the game closes the opening of the set. Prayer is the first song I heard by Disturbed and subsequently got me into them; Believe is still my favourite album by them. Liberate and Land of Confusion is up next, no idea why the covered that song, but in my opinion its better than the original in every way possible. This is a set that just keeps building and picking up pace, Animal, Inside the fire, Stricken another way to die and stupify, really filling out the middle set with Photo Of Disturbed © Copyright Robetr Lawrencesome really good heavy songs and keeping room simmering nicely. It hits the boil on Ten thousand fists, I find this song slightly amusing because, on a good night, there should have been over 10 000 people hear but as it happens there's less than 5000 here, but I enjoy the irony of this song, but it’s a great song anyway, and they take it up a notch with Indestructible which also closes the set. Well I think everyone can guess the show closer, Down with the sickness, still a storming song, full of all the profanity you need, a real metal classic, that sends most of the crowd rabid, with mosh pits and tons of head banging and crowd surfing, top stuff and fun to join with. Overall it was a real top show, it’s just a shame there wasn't a bigger crowd here tonight!!

Halestorm - 4/5
Buckcherry - 3/5
Papa Roach - 5/5
Disturbed - 5/5

Review By Robert Lawrence


David Draiman
Dan Donegan
John Moyer
Mike Wengren

 Papa Roach

Jacoby Shaddix
Jerry Horton
Tobin Esperance
Tony Palermo


Josh Todd
Keith Nelson
Stevie D.
Jimmy "Two Fingers" Ashhurst
Xavier Muriel


Elizabeth "Lzzy" Hale
Arejay Hale
Joe Hottinger
Josh Smith

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