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Birmingham, NIA
2nd December 2010

Pendulum                             Hadouken            
Photo Of Hadouken © Copyright Robert LawrenceHadouken, They really took me by surprise tonight with a storming performance and some really catchy beats to boot, they had a real good great stage presence while performing, Rebirth, M.A.D, Mecha Love and house is falling, the crowd loving every moment of it, even I had my head a nodding, which is a rarity as I'm normally hard to please electro rock bands can be hit and moss sometimes but these guys are a hit, performing a new song called oxygen what a fantastic songs real driving drum beat, the good songs just kept on coming with the likes of, Ugly, That boy that girl, I feel the set waned a little in the last few songs, they just wasn't as good to me as the other 2/3rds of the set but over all what a great support band and a tough tough act to follow!!

Photo Of Hadouken © Copyright Robert LawrencePendulum, what can I say, bias much, one of my all time favourite bands, seen them now 3 times and photographed them 3 times also!!They open there set with Salt in the wounds and The Vulture and the fantastic showdown, a real excellent opening to the set and the crowd are bouncing long to every beat thrown at them with Ben mount(MC) really working the crowd well and keeping them going. I seemed to stay in pit for more than the 3 songs which was nice got some extra songs o really try and get more great shots of a great band. They continued their set with Voodoo people and off their latest release Immersion, Witchcraft which you can help but to sing along too as I was with the rest of the crowd. Fasten your seatbelts Slam Island parts 1 and 2 filled out the middle set, hearing both parts of the island was most welcome, not having the master of puppets intro to slam was a shame as it is pretty damn awesome and one of my favourite parts to the previous shows I've been to. Tarantula always a favourite too which was followed by Propane nightmares, such an excellent way to keep the momentum going with Different following it had a dub step switch in it, which was different to say the least but fit well into the song, Granite, Blood sugar and Encoder finished out the main set. Now at this point, in all my years going to gigs I've never come across such a rude bunch of people in the crowd which nearly ruined the night for me, it’s just unnecessary, when you ask someone to watch what they’re doing only for them to bite your head off, just rude. Crush and Watercolour finish the set off in fine style. Overall it was an excellent gig, but I think it would have been even better in a smaller venue.

Hadouken 4/5
Pendulum 5/5

Review Robert Lawrence


Rob Swire
Gareth McGrillen
Paul Harding
Ben Mount
Peredur ap Gwynedd
Kevin Sawka


James Smith
Alice Spooner
Daniel "Pilau" Rice
Chris Purcell
Nick Rice

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