Gig Review

Jagermiester Tour
Sylosis, Exit Ten, The Defiled, Gun Dogs
Birmingham, Academy 2
13th October 2010

Sylosis                   Exit Ten                 The Defiled               Gun Dogs
Photo Of The Defiled © Copyright Robert LawrenceGun dogs are a Local Birmingham band heavily promoted by a former Kerrang radio Dj with aspirations of making it big, There an 4 piece hard rock band, the sound is nice and full, the duel female vocals are nice and easy on the ear, but they seem to lack any adventure in their songs, the songs ain't bad but they seem a bit middle of the road though, there safe songs, not pushing the boundaries of the heavy rock, but that being said, it’s better to get it right than get it wrong, the guitar has plenty of riffs in the songs, drumming is good as is the bass playing, bit more adventure in the songs and you got a really decent band making good songs, and they look great too!

The Defiled, are a great hard rock band tons and tons of energy, I think the key board player is on another planet, the whole band rocking and rolling on that tiny stage, this dirty 5 piece hard rock band are really rocking the joint with songs such as resurrection. 1988, call to arms, It's good to see them having fun, and the crowd being more responsive for this second act. They got a nice full dirty sound with decent riffs pretty good and an attitude to match, top cheese!!

Photo Of Exit Ten © Copyright Robert LawrenceMain support are Exit 10, the vocalist voice is shot and no wear near as powerful as normal due to illness, but it gets better as it goes on, they got some good song s this band a good mix of melody and heavy riffs that are on the most part pretty decent. The bands performance could be a bit more lively, but they do enough to entertain, and they even got a fair few fans in the crowd, some even chipping in a few lyrics when the mic is in there grill. Toward the end of the set they really get into the groove, the vocalist voice clears up, and the band really come to life, better late than never!

I learnt something surprising that all the bands on this tour are doing it for free, nifty!! Sylosis are the headliner, this 4 piece metal band really know how to rock and roll it's pretty much nonstop all the way through the set, some of the guitar parts are a little over cooked in places less may have been more in some instances. Some of the dogs could Auvergne been shorter too but this is a minor gripe really. They've got some really good metal Photo Of Sylosis © Copyright Robert Lawrencesongs that tick all the boxes in all the right places bit over loud though!, got a few epic sounding songs that would sound way better in a bigger room with a bigger stack of speakers. They've got a majority of fans out front head banging and mosh pits a roaring by a dedicated few, good to see in such a small room. Roll on next year!!!

Gun Dogs 3/5
The Defiled 4/5
Exit Ten 4/5
Sylosis 4/5

Review Robert Lawrence


Josh Middleton
Alex Bailey
Carl Parnell
Rob Callard

 Exit Ten

James Steele
Stuart Steele
Chris Steele
Joe Ward
Ryan Redman

 The Defiled

Stitch D
Drex Exel
The A.V.D

 Gun Dogs

Freddy Lim
Jesse Liu
Doris Yeh
CJ Kao
Dani Wang

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