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Arch Enemy
Grand Magnus, Malefice, Chthonic
Wolverhampton, Wulfrun Hall
25th November 2010

Arch Enemy               Grand Magus      Malefice              Chthonic
Photo Of Chthonic © Copyright Robert LawrenceChthonic are a melodic death metal band from Taiwan, while I'm not a fan of the vocals, the music is superb, and I'm also slightly scared by Freddy the vocalist, although he is awesome!! The band have got a good amount of energy going on stage and seem like a really tight band, they have some really great riffs and are heavy as hell, it was quite fun watching a can of red stripe dance too!! The drumming is good fast and solid, as was the bass playing, the guitar playing as I said was awesome, The solos were pretty decent and squealy. Not normally a fan of this music but I enjoyed what I heard.

Malefice, I Last saw them in October of last year, I didn't like em much then and really didn't expect too much today, I must be in the mood for their particular brand of death metal/core today, as it isn’t as bad as last time out, everything seems more palatable, still not much of a fan of the vocals, but I'll live, the riffs are pretty this time around, decent the blasting from the drumming which isn’t bad, some of the guitar riffs in the songs are actually pretty decent also, they seem better all round, can feel the bass rather than hear it, the lead guitar is really good, am liking the solos. The last song had a monster beat and riff to it very enjoyable, very fucking heavy!! It’s good to be surprised sometimes!!

Photo Of Grand Magus © Copyright Robert LawrenceGrand Magus were the main support tonight, unfortunately I only caught a bit of their set which I still managed shoot, but they were really good and different from the other bands that were on show tonight, there a really good heavy metal band, bit like Judas Priest but only a bit as there's only 3 of them drums bass and lead guitar, it was pretty heavy and they had a nice rounded sound to them, that's all you really need, I quote enjoyed what I heard, not sure of the songs they played, and Apparently a speaker fell over , I missed most of their set due to an interview I had to do with Doris from Chthonic, but what I heard was good heavy melodic stuff!!

Arch enemy, A band I've heard of and know about but never really liked, I was put off by the vocals mainly, but the music is bloody immense, nice and heavy plenty of meaty riffs and catchy hooks, and a fair few really top solos, Including the two guitarists have solo spots in the set, the drumming consistently good really fast and heavy as is the bass, but the two guitarist are really awesome. Am really feeling the music, it's heavy and aggressive pretty much all the way Photo Of Arch Enemy © Copyright Robert Lawrencethrough the set, I am even starting to enjoy the vocals a little!! The opened there set with The Immortal and Revolution Begins, and really top way to start, never heard the songs before, so wasn't really sure what to expect, again surprised for probably the 4th time tonight, the songs are fast, heavy, and really melodically catchy, the melodic breakdowns are top notch!! They also played, Taking Back my soul. My Apocalypse which is fucking awesome, great riff and drumming, Dark insanity and I will live again was spit by a drum solo, never a fan of those though!! Dead eyes see no future had two guitar solos tacked on to it from each of the guitarist, now these I am a fan of, Which was then followed by the dead bury their dead and main set closer we will rise! Encore consisted of Snowbound, Nemesis which was my favourite song of the night, and the set was closed by the Fields of Desolation outro bloody awesome way to end the set. I had a good night some great bands and great music, not bad way to end a bloody long day, and I might add, getting kicked in the back of the head by crowd surfers is not fun!!

Chthonic 3/5
Malefice 3/5
Grand Magus 3/5
Arch Enemy 5/5

Review Robert Lawrence

 Arch Enemy

Angela Gossow
Michael Amott
Christopher Amott
Sharlee D'Angelo
Daniel Erlandsson

 Grand Magus



Dale Butler
Ben Symons
Alex Vuskans
Tom Hynes
Chris Allan-Whyte


Freddy Lim
Jesse Liu
Doris Yeh
CJ Kao
Dani Wang

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