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Bowling For Soup
A, Forever The Sickest Kids
Manchester, Academy
14th October 2010

Bowling For Soup       A                                           Forever The Sickest Kids
Forever The Sickest Kids are one of those bands that you’ll either love or you’ll hate, über-American and over enthusiastic, they do have a tendency to get on your nerves. Yet they do know how to write a damn fine pop-punk song, and everyone in attendance at the Manchester Academy tonight seems to be lapping them up. Having seen FTSK live many moons ago, it is notable that they have considerably improved upon their live performance, songs such as ‘Believe Me I’m Lying’ and ‘Hey Brittany’ do sound like they are suited to a venue of such magnitude. Everybody is allowed a guilty pleasure – Forever The Sickest Kids are mine.

Having reformed last year for a UK stint with The Wildhearts and then a tour with This City at the back end of 2009, ‘A’ are back once again and they sound better than ever. With a welcome return from bassist and Radio 1 DJ Daniel P Carter, this almost feels like it could be 2002 all over again. Hi-Fi Serious is still an album that has the same effect on me as it did eight years ago, it is British pop rock at its best, and if nothing more, it is a lot of fun.

Dipping into their extensive back-catalogue ‘A’ produce crowd pleaser after crowd pleaser with ‘Old Folks’ and ‘Starbucks’ receiving some of the nights biggest cheers. However, it is not until the end of their set when they reach their crowing moment with the stunning rendition of ‘Nothing’. Jason Perry seems to relish every moment that the band are on stage, here’s hoping that they plan many more UK jaunts very soon.

No matter what you think of Bowling for Soup, they must be doing something right. Having recently celebrated their sixteenth year as a band, along with a new release pencilled in for early 2011 and armies of adoring fans, the band show no signs of coming to a halt any time soon.

Few punk rock bands put on a show as entertaining as Bowling for Soup, but aside from their mischievous onstage antics, it is their songs that have truly stood the test of time. Whether it is new fans getting giddy over ‘My Wena’ or the oldies skanking to ‘2113’, Bowling for Soup know exactly how to please their fans. Drawing their set to a close with ‘Girl All The Bad Guys Want’ and the SR-71 cover ‘1985’ is a sure fire way to ensure that people will come back next time, and the time after that. Long live Bowling for Soup.

Forever The Sickest Kids 4/5
A 5/5
Bowling For Soup 5/5

Review By Ben Connell

 Bowling For Soup

Jaret Reddick
Chris Burney
Erik Chandler
Gary Wiseman


Jason Perry (Vocals)
Mark Chapman (Guitar)
Daniel P. Carter (Bass)
Adam Perry (Drums)
Giles Perry (Keyboards)

 Forever The Sickest Kids

Jonathan Cook
Austin Bello
Caleb Turman
Kent Garrison
Marc Stewart
Kyle Burns

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