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Coheed And Cambria
Birmingham, Academy
20th November 2010

Deftones                       Coheed And Cambria
Photo Of Coheed And Cambria © Copyright Robert LawrenceCoheed and Cambria, are a band I’m a big fan of, and also to me and few other people that I've spoken too that it’s a bit weird that these 2 bands are touring together, normally fans of one these bands won’t be a fan of the other, and it was true after they had played some people actually left the venue, if I was a normal punter, I probably would have done the same.
Coheed open there set with In keeping secrets of Silent earth 3, a great way to open the set, nice quick and heavy song, which was followed by Ten speed (of gods blood and burial) and Here we are juggernaut, for being only one of two bands tonight, I was hoping they'd play a longer let but the other songs they played were pretty damn decent which included, This Shattered Symphony, A favour house Atlantic, Delirium Trigger, No world for tomorrow, World of Lines and one of my all time favourite songs, Welcome Home\, I was hoping they play the running free, but welcome home, was good too. I wished they’d gotten a longer set to play Mother Superior to, but what they played was awesome enough could have done with a lot more energy but they were moving about an awful lot too. Great set from a top band

Photo Of Deftones © Copyright Robert LawrenceDeftones, This is a band that I've never really understood before, all the songs I've heard, normally from watching the music videos, they haven't been my favourite, I found them abit droning but I much prefer them live, no other band sounds like the Deftones, in that respect they are unique. They open up with Rocket Skates and Chino must of had a pair on as he was all over the place, this was followed by Around the Fur then My own summer (shove it) which is a song I really really like, good song overall really, but it never got me into them in a big way. I’d forgotten that they had a DJ up there as well. Other songs that were in there set were, Lotion, Digital bath, Knife Party, Elite, Diamond eyes, Beauty school, Prince, Sex tape, Hexagram, Back to School(Mini Maggot) a song that I really cannot stand as it grinds my teeth and main set closer Change(in the house of flies). The main set for me was full of Hits and some misses, some I enjoyed and got into others, I just could wait for them to end, it was one of those, I'm sure the crowd will disagree. Chinos voice can really shred your ear drums, it's is unique too. He's still jumping around the stage like a bloody mad man for most of the set always good to see, as do the rest of the band they don't really let up either, which is awesome for the last night of the tour well last night in the UK anyway. After the short break they opened with Birthmark, a so so track to me but engine number 9 wasn't too bad and 7 words was a good way to finish the set, as a neutral person to this band, it wasn't too bad a set, much better than I thought it was going to be.

Coheed And Cambria - 5/5
Deftones - 5/5

Review By Robert Lawrence


Chino Moreno
Stephen Carpenter
Chi Cheng
Frank Delgado
Abe Cunningham
Sergio Vega

 Coheed And Cambria

Claudio Sanchez
Travis Stever
Mic Todd
Chris Pennie

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