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Cock N Bull Kid
Birmingham, HMV Institue
15th November 2010

Kele                               Cock N Bull Kid
Photo Of Cock And Bull Kid © Copyright Robert LawrenceCock and bull kid are a4 piece pop rock band, consisting of a female vocalist, a key board player which I can only hear at times, a bass player and a drummer. There's some catchy material that there playing but in all honesty I'm just not feeling it, she's got a good voice can hold a note, does sound strained nor does she need to push her voice as the songs don't really call need for it. the drumming is good and simple, the keyboard/synth wors well really fits, and the bass playing is a right, , it's really up best music but I'm just can't get into it, feels like there's something missing even though there shouldn't be as it's a nice full sound. Strange!!

Keel, He's the vocalist/rhythm guitarist from Bloc Party, the music he has come up with on his first solo effort The boxer, is bass heavy electro dance music you could say, with his voice soaring right over the top of the music, it's a mix of drums, synth and keyboards, with some guitar in there as well. This is really upbeat catchy music, the Photo Of Kele © Copyright Robert Lawrencecrowd while made up as the same people as that watched the main support are totally different and very alive and bouncing along for pretty much all of the set, hands in the air and jumping, the heat really rises in this place. The guy can really sing too. I had no idea what to expect. this is fantastic stuff, opening with The excellent walk tall, which is swiftly followed by Latest single On the Lam, Everything you wanted and second single is third, Unholy thoughts, Tendroni and Rise fill out the rest of the main set, there was also a medley of tunes in there as well, and also happy birthday to someone in the crowd and to one of the girls on the crew. the encore consisted of Yesterdays gone, This modern love, All the things I could never say and set closer Flux, which I'm unfamiliar with, but it’s still a top song and a great way to close the set, a great performance from a top band. Top cheese indeed!!!!

Cock And Bull Kid - 3/5
Kele - 5/5

Review By Robert Lawrence



 Cock N Bull Kid

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