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Job For A Cowboy
Whitechapel, Annonations Of An Autopsy, Trigger The Bloodshed
Wolverhampton, Slade Rooms
10th November 2010

Job For A Cowboy      Whitechapel    Annonations Of An Autopsy Trigger The Bloodshed
Photo Of Trigger The Bloodshed © Copyright Robert LawrenceTrigger the bloodshed, A band I've seen before I think and I didn't much enjoy it then and guess what nothing has changed (why do I turn up I hear you cry) there’s plenty of aggression and energy and there are some decent riffs in there every now and then, but it's all drowned out and ruined by the grinding guitar riffs that follow and the constant blast beats, and growling vocals. I just still can't see the point in such noise mongering!

Next up and more of the same nonsense, is annotations of an autopsy, just a slower kind of grinding not by much mind you, same sort of vocals more growling, the music feels heavier but without any likeable riffs, lots of energy and aggression crowd are a bit more into it, but to me it feels like more of the same, I'm not dismissing any if the bands tonight I just don't like this sort of music!

Whitechaple, while it would seem that it's more of the same and in most respects it's Photo Of Whitechaple © Copyright Robert Lawrencetrue, still can't understand the lyrics and it's more of this growling malarkey but it's seems a bit more controlled a bit more polished, and even a bit more tolerable, still as heavy as sin, the crowd really going for it at the moment, and the band responding in kind spraying water all over the shop (read stage). This music is beyond my understanding still. It’s all coming thick and fast, the front man seems angry spitting his lyrics out with venom, as I’m sure they were intended, and the 3 guitarist noisily riffing away with precision accompanied by some heavy bass and blast beats from the drummer, still can’t see the appeal myself!

Now it’s time for Job for a cowboy, why there is a tour with 4 bands that sound identical is beyond me, I like a bit of variation in my night of music, by now I am stone board!! And after 2 songs the battery on my camera dies, that's never happened to me before! The only difference as far as I can see is that is this band is the most refined of the bunch of bands tonight. In all honesty nothing has Photo Of Job For A Cowboy © Copyright Robert Lawrencechanged since I saw them last which was in February of this year, they blast through each song in there set, with all the ferocity you can expect and for everyone in this room, I'm sure its metal heaven for them, with the stupidly fast riffing and drum bludgeoning, all heavy as hell, but I like something I can understand like the vocals and some unpredictability in the songs. I’m going to give all the bands an average down the middle 2.5 as I couldn't really tell the bands apart tonight. This puts all the bands somewhere between good and average, happy complaining campers!

Trigger The Bloodshed - 2/5
Annonations Of The Autopsy - 2.5/5
Whitechaple - 2.5/5
Job For A Cowboy - 2.5/5

Review By Robert Lawrence

 Job For A Cowboy

Jonny Davy
Brent Riggs
Bobby Thompson
Jon Rice
Al Glassman


Phil Bozeman
Alex Wade
Zach Householder
Ben Savage
Gabe Crisp
Kevin Lane

 Annonations Of An Autopsy

Steve Regan
Jamie Sweeney
Don Jones
Nath Applegate
Neil Hayward

 Trigger The Bloodshed

Jonny Burgan
Rob Purnell
Martyn Evans
Dave Purnell
Dan Wilding

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