Gig Review

Jimmy Eat World
Bristol, Academy
14th November 2010
Photo Of Jimmy Eat World © Copyright TriggerTonight was the finale of my triple whammy of gigs in a week at the Academy in my Bristol and what an experience tonight was, the show was sold out and the show I went to yesterday was also sold out but the only difference was that yesterday you could move and today everyone was packed in like sardines it was stupidly hot and dangerous but the show had to go on.

I made my way in 20minutes before Jimmy Eat World were due on stage, I made my way right to the front of the stage for the photopass and waited patiently for Jimmy Eat World to start and during the waiting I managed to witness a kid get dragged out from the front of the barrier a couple of minutes before Jimmy Eat World were due to take to the stage due to the bouncers finding two pint cups of wee sat on the security barrier in front of him which he obviously filled up whilst spending a good two hours in the same position waiting for his hero’s, I did feel slightly sorry for the kid but what he did was wrong.

Photo Of Jimmy Eat World © Copyright TriggerSeconds later the lights dimmed and Jimmy Eat World took to the stage and got stuck straight in with the crowd pleaser ‘Bleed America’ and from that moment the moshing started and only stopped for the odd slow and atmospheric song.

Jimmy Eat World played a massive 21 song set and only stopped to talk to the audience on a couple of occasions the first being to talk to the crowd about Cyber Dog shop after spotting someone’s light up Space Invaders top which reacts to sound and the second to tell the crowd that they are a bit demanding after getting fed up of people shouting “get on with it” after each and every song even though they were only talking a 20second break for water and to freshen up.

The set was like a massive greatest hits set with some amazing songs being played such as ‘Big Casino’, ‘Futures’, ‘23’, ‘Pain’, ‘The Middle’ and even the many songs from their new album ‘Invented’ went down really well tonight with the current single ‘My Best Theory’ going down the best followed by ‘Movielike’ and ‘Coffee And Cigarettes’.

Photo Of Jimmy Eat World © Copyright TriggerThere were a few boring moments during the gig which I am sure only the hardcore fans appreciated and that was during songs such as ‘Sky Harbor’ and ‘Invented’ which seemed to go on for ten minutes each, they were quite atmospheric sounding but after 5minutes started to get a bit to repetitive to me.

The encore featured 4 songs which consisted of the ever so long ‘Invented’, ‘Get It Faster’, everyone’s favourite sing-a-long song ‘The Middle’ and beautiful finisher ‘Sweetness’ which had the Academy erupt into madness for the final time.

Jimmy Eat World must have left the stage knowing that they did the Academy proud tonight, frontman Jim Adkins black shirt was dripping wet from playing nearly two hours of classic material and I reckon even the “get on with it” hecklers went home smiling in the end.


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 Jimmy Eat World

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